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Thread: Things I never want to hear on TV again

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    'triple threat'
    'it's in god's hands now'
    'i'm just going to be me'
    'i have made so many good friends here'
    'i'm just a small-town girl/guy'

    how about a list of things we wish we would hear? I'll start

    'no, this experience sucked and it sucks even more that i won't win'
    'he played the game like crap'
    'no, i won't marry you'
    'all you people i have been with, bite me!'

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    Do the Kirby! Healblade's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
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    "slurp" (Joe Millionaire)
    "I vote for Lisa to win Big Brother 3"
    The Newlywed Game Theme Song
    "Purple Rock"
    "2 and 2" (Chuck Woolery)

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    And , yes. That's my final answer.

    Get me out of here! I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here.

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    a list of things we should hear... lol...
    [list=1][*]I dont know what the hell im doing here[*]I dont know what to do, where I am, or what time it is.[*]This is a bunch of shit. [/list=1]

    more things we always here....
    [list=1][*]cant we all get along?[*]I miss my family![/list=1]

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