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Thread: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    Quote Originally Posted by elleprn View Post
    I too wish Tyler had stayed readings with non-celebrities. He is so well thought of in the Central Valley, Lemoore and Hnaford, CA, where he was born and raised. He realized this gift at an early age. His mother sought out a mentor for him. It happened to be my closest friend. I just recently found out as I was visiting her and Ty and his mom stopped by. I regret that "the industry" saw someone they could exploit. It lessens his credibility, when I know the truth. However who would watch a TV Show with a timid young man reading celebrities. This young man's gift rises much higher then the ones who love all the hype and audiences.
    Oh ellen, interesting. That is awesome you know Tyler.

    I will watch but not interested in the two guests last night.

    What is going on with Tyler that you said all that in your post? Are people going on Social Media stating he does not know what he is talking about?

    Who is exploiting him?

    This is S3 right? Why would he keep signing up for more Seasons if he and his mentor or mom thought he was being exploited?
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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    I liked that Jim Parsons was on the show, but the reading didn't seem very revealing -- they went through all that just to confirm that one grandmother died with fluid in her lungs, something Jim's mom already knew? They need to work on the editing of these, because Jim was so happy and relieved after the reading but we didn't seen to learn much...
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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    Thanks elleprn! I wondered where he came from. And, as with Teresa Caputo from Long Island, I so much more prefer her readings for 'chance encounters' with everyday folk to her more recently expanding into readings for 'celebs'. I think he is such a lovely and talented young man and my guess is that some agent, smelling fame and $$$$ (especially their own 10% grab as agent) turned him into the "Hollywood Medium". I would love to learn more about him from your personal knowledge of him and his family if you are allowed to share.

    It is so sad that Teresa is loosing her very happy and long marriage, with such distruction to their family, likely due to the pressures brought about because of her growing popularity and the time taken away from her marriage because of the new direction of the show that takes her out of her real family life and on the road so much. The celebrity she has gained has lost for her the thing that made her most happy. She's got fame, money, celebrity - but she lost the love of her life. I hope Tyler can look at her example and be wise enough to put his own happiness ahead of the fleeting gain of money and fame. I'd love to see him walking into a bakery, deli or tire shop and do random readings with everyday people like Teresa used to do instead of filming with celebs who will do anything just to get more airtime. Celebs already have so many perks, let them pay him big fees off camera if they want his talents and let him do what Teresa, and likely he, started out doing, bringing unexpected and life changing readings to regular folks. I'd love to see Tyler continue to be a 'regular folk' to me. Just a 'regular folk' with an amazing gift. I hope this show doesn't turn him into something less authentic than he seems to be right now.

    Please tell his Mom I'm concerned ellprin. But, probably too late. Once you get the sobriquet "Hollywood Medium", Hollywood's got you by the balls. Reputation death knell.

    And, did I tell you this before? I love your avi pic!
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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    I've read too many accounts of how Teresa Caputo is a sham - including a detailing of her tactics - to believe anything on her show.

    I watch this show because I like Tyler. I generally don't care if I like the celebrity or not. I care if the reading is interesting. BBT bores the hell out of me, but I watched because maybe the Jim Parsons reading would be good. Like MFW said, it was kind of "meh." Just "Yep, she's here, she's here and they say hello." Not really anything emotional or revealing.

    I don't watch any of the MTV series, but I thought the Kristin Cavallari reading was good. Having lost my brother too, I could identify with her. I can't bear any of the Chrisley brood, but the reading and his daughter's connection with her grandfather was very sweet.

    I sort of love it when the celeb realizes Todd has NO idea who they are
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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    I'm sorry but////what a bunch of nonsense! ALL of that stuff is a scam.

    Just my humble opinion...that and $3.50 will buy ya a cup of coffee.
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    Re: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry (E!)

    I don't know if Tyler or Teresa are the real deal (I don't watch those programs), but I have been working with very capable people for just over 10 years. Different people have different abilities. Some are also remote energy healers. It has changed and expanded my life in many wonderful ways.
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