NBC and the creator of MTV’s "Made" and "TRL" are teaming up to give one guy and one girl the unique opportunity to go back in time to find the love of their lives.

Do you ever stare off and daydream…about all of the great guys or girls from your past…the ones you were friends with…the ones you dated…the ones you flirted with and the ones you just worshipped from afar…do you wonder where they are now…and if maybe, JUST MAYBE…they are thinking about you right now? Do you ever wonder if one of them was your soul-mate…your one true love…and you let them slip away?

If you could gather some of those special people in one place…for one week… would those old sparks and passion still exist? Or would you find something new and even stronger?

It’s time to stop dreaming and try for a second chance at love AND the chance to to star in your own NBC reality show!

We’ll reunite you with those people you’ve been thinking about (and some more who’ve been thinking about YOU)… we’ll give you the chance to see who might be the one that got away…and help you make sure that you don’t lose them again!

If you are over 21 and want a second chance with ALL of those great people from your past, then you need to get to one of our open calls below or submit your tape following the instructions below. The submission deadline for video applications is June 6th, 2003.

If you are a single man at least 21 years of age, click here to download the application.

If you are a single woman at least 21 years of age, click here to download the application.

Instructions for Home Video Submissions

Make a brief (no more than 5 minutes!) videotape introducing yourself. Tell us what person or people from your past you'd most like to reconnect with romantically, and why. What do you think has prevented your finding "The One" for you thus far? Who would be your ideal mate?
All tape submissions must be submitted on a NEW standard full-size VHS tape.
Please include the following with your tape and completed application and release forms:
two recent photos of yourself (one full-length, one close-up of your face)
a clear photocopy of a state-issued photo ID
clear photocopies of any pertinent pages from your high school and college yearbooks, if you have them
Mail your complete application package (tape, application, release forms, photos, photocopies) to:

NBC Casting: Second Chance Stories
Suite 103 D
1149 N. Gower Street
Los Angeles CA 90038

**Submission deadline: June 6th, 2003.