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Thread: The UK Apprentice

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    The UK Apprentice

    Anyone following this show? Season 10 just started yesterday. I like it because compared to the American version it's more mellow but somehow still has more enticing drama. I highly recommend it.

    It's normal people, not celebrities, and since it's on the BBC, there's no product placement whatsoever. Also the prize is a lot more solid - a cash investment into the contestant's startup business - and in lieu of a final task, the final 2 pitch their business idea. Has a very funny post-show program where eqch eliminated contestant is given a ribbing by a panel of comedians, and gets a tongue in cheek "gift" to commemerate their time.

    What really sets this show miles above the US version, is the boss (His Lordship Alan Sugar's) firing criteria. He applauds risk taking even when it fails and on balance is much more likely to fire an under the radar guy than the losing project manager.

    It's on Youtube for the non brits - I don't think I'm allowed to help you find it but its not hard to find.

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    Re: The UK Apprentice

    Here is a link to the you tube page that lists all the episodes:

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=uk+appren tice+series+10
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    Re: The UK Apprentice

    Oh that looks good! just what I need...thanks for the link Arielflies
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