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Thread: Town of the Living Dead (SyFy)

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    Town of the Living Dead (SyFy)

    "What could go wrong when a small Alabama town tries to make their own zombie movie?

    Did anyone else watch? (I didn't see a thread for it - so maybe I really am the only one who got sucked in )
    SyFy aired the first 2 half-hour episodes on Oct 7th, and I wanted to like it a lot!
    I mean, here are these folks in this sleepy little southern town (Jasper, AL) who have been trying - for 6 YEARS now - to get their indie zombie movie in the can, with virtually 0 experience or resources at their disposal - crazy times, right?

    I found the people to be a likeable group and the premise seemed ripe with potential for side-splitting hilarity,
    but despite a few giggles, I actually found myself dozing off several times.
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    Re: Town of the Living Dead (SyFy)

    I wanted to get into it, but I missed it, and then it is about zombie wannabes...

    It airs directly after Face Off. That is the slot they've used for the quirky nerd half hours such as Interning for Stan Lee and Cos Play.
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