I actually watched the last EM where there were three people that had bonded over their broboscises (noses to you).

Of course there were a few more items on their wish list which they got taken care of.

The differences between this show and the succeeding ones were several. First of all, they showed a lot more of the gore involved and did not mince words about the pain of recovery.

Secondly, there was literally a team of experts that was going to take them under their care and change hair, makeup and wardrobe.

The third and most startling difference was that there wasn't as dramatic a change in the "before" and "after" look of the patients.
Specifically, the guy that got a tummy tuck still had a sloppy looking belly (and HE was a personal trainer) and a huge scar as well. To his credit, he had lost in excess of 100 pounds and there was a lot of loose flesh to deal with.

All in all, I did like the show. It seemed more realistic as far as expectations were concerned.