FINALLY!!!! A dating reality show in which the cast members ACKNOWLEDGE that they're dating on a reality show. And, they interact with the viewers, and even ask the viewers to give their advice. In fact, a couple of the guys have even taken the viewers advice.

And even better, THE SHOW IS BEING FILMED IN REAL TIME, so the cast members (and their friends and family) are watching the episodes each week, in real time, and reacting to what's been said and done --- And even better than that, when someone does or says something inappropriate or not quite right, they get called out on it on the next episode. I love it!

How many times have I sat and watched some reality cast member saying or doing something that makes me say to myself, "My God, you're on tv! Everyone will see this!" But of course, they never acknowledge that. Well, on The Singles Project they DO acknowledge it, and it's so much fun to watch. I'm loving the show!