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Thread: Utopia on FOX

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    Utopia on FOX

    at that heading... since when has FOX been into creating Utopias?...well, I guess Utopia for whom is the question. Anyway, this show begins Sunday, and as I understand it will have constant camera coverage a la Big Brother, but people will be in and outdoors in a rural setting, not just a backyard. Stuck together for a long period (a year?) to form their own society, raise food, etc. No voting out. It begins this Sunday, but I have the impression that might not be the regular day. I'll post more when I know more. So for those of us bored with the predictability of this season's BB, get your voyeuristic fix on Utopia!

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    Re: Utopia on FOX

    I wonder if they will have any live feeds?
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    Re: Utopia on FOX

    We've got a whole forum for the show up top, so I'm closing this thread
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