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Thread: Alaska: The Last Frontier: Kilchers Revealed

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    Alaska: The Last Frontier: Kilchers Revealed

    Series Premiere - Tuesday, August 26th - Discovery - 8:00 eastern

    Initially, I thought this was the announcement of the new season of the already successful show, but it's described as a "Series Premiere". They've added "Kilchers Revealed" to the title so....who knows.

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    Re: Alaska: The Last Frontier: Kilchers Revealed

    I've been watching that show for a couple of years now. You know they are the family of the singer Jewel. I've been anxiously awaiting a new season, but I keep seeing old episodes. I do wonder what's up. I want to see the new little baby boy again. (They've only showed one scene of him when he was first born.) I really like this show.

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