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Thread: How do you pick the reality shows you watch?

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    When a new reality show starts, I watch the first episode and decide from there if it is worth while. I watched the first episode of The Family but just couldnt get into it. I watch Survivor, Big Brother, Paradise Hotel, The Bachellor(ette), Americal Idol, Amazing Race and Cupid.

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    Ah, what can I say? So many RealityTV shows, so little time. Sigh.
    I like shows where there is a lot of real interaction between the members, e.g. Road Rules. Where there's conflict, a calming down, and then, maybe near the end, resolution. Except for this year that's usually what happens on Road Rules; they all fight but at the end they're all hugging and crying and missing one another. Contests and voting out get in the way of this because they force people to act all the time instead of interact.
    It doesn't hurt either to have some great eye-candy. All it takes is one really good-lookin' guy, e.g Justin on BB4, Yes on RR Semester at Sea, Randy on Shipwrecked 3 (which no one but me apperantly has seen).
    And it helps if we get to see some of the world as on Eco-challenge, TAR, RoadRules, and even The REal World.
    And then, there was LostonNBC, which was sort of a poor man's TAR with severe eye candy; Courtland in the first episode and Dan in the second.

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