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Thread: How do you pick the reality shows you watch?

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    I'll be honest. I watch shows for great editing and cute guys.

    No matter how adventurous or physical a show is, if it looks like a bunch of adrenaline junkies whoring themselves out for money, it does not excite me. I'd rather rent Die Hard or Equilibrium or something with Bruce Lee. Now if they put someone in a booby trapped maze and told them they had to get out of it or meet their death at the hands of an angry Joan Rivers (however illegal that stunt might be , THEN I might be convinced that the contestant was not just a foolhardy schmuck, and I might watch.

    My picks:
    1.Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Thom and the sexual tension on the show float my boat, and the editing and hilarious F5 are brilliant.

    2.Real World - Such amazing editing and amazingly good looking people. MTV makes the drama seem raw and edgy (maybe cause they have time on their side and don't have to give participants cards revealing dramatic "twists")

    3.American Idol 2 - As much as I hated the whole AI thing the first time around, I become addicted with my geeky choice from episode one made it on. I watched because Clay, Simon, Ryan, and Paula were hot. Carmen, as goatlike as she may be, was cute flirting with Clay. The show was flashy and rarely boring.

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    I usually just stick with the same reality shows season after season and with new ones I see the first episode and go from there
    my top 3 shows are BB, Survivor and whatever idol show I can see in Canada
    I also like A R
    I did see the first FLOM and was dissapointed with ROBS choice and did not really follow the second one
    I do like the dating ones too
    there are not too many I wont watch
    I do not plan on watching the new season of joe millionaire and I did not follow fame as well
    The Bachelor/ette is a good one too

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    I like shows that are over the top and have "characters" who are so far out there, it is funny to watch. I think reality TV is a shame so basically the wackier the premise, the more enjoyable it is to watch.

    I am not really into shows that take themself to serious(read that as the bachelor) or Any that ABC puts out in general.

    I think the key to any reality show is you need people on it that you either really like, or you really hate. I watched all of the previous 3 seasons of Big Brother, but i got real bored early on because i was just indifferent to all the people(BB3 had Danielle who because of BB4 i now love(i used to hate her but i realise what a great show she made) and BB2 had will).

    As for shows recently Paradise Hotel has caught my interest. This show is so far out it is gold. The fact that they make twists up on a whim to control who stays in goes is a non issue, this show has more drama then a 24 hour marathon of CSI.

    Other shows that have striked my fancy in the past year(in no particular order) are:

    Cupid - Robert was the only reason to watch this show, watching his dates and the way lisa's friends reacted to him made for great TV, the rest of the guys bored me

    AI - i like simon, i usually cling on to one person i really like and one i don't care for, once both are eliminated the show gets boring, the first coupel shows on this are usually the best but get you hooked for the rest of the series

    Survivor - classic format that always finds interesting people

    Temptation Island - I don't care for the current season, but the premise so trashy it funny to watch

    Joe Millionaire - funny premise knocking on the stupidity of the Bachelor, was good once, i don't think it will be the second time(i didn't watch FLOM although i thought the idea behind that show was even better)

    I actually Liked the Mole but i stopped watching after season 2 when they stopped it after 3 shows. AR is good also but I wish they would get more far out people on it. Also the fact all the teams seem to be close together whenever they catch flights is a bit unrealistic.

    I guess if you had to pick my type of show it would be anything that FOX shows. It seems the ideas behind alot of there reality shows stupid, it sort of makes a mockery out of the shows being "reality".

    i would have to say my new favorite(or second favorite On another Notebehind PH) would have to be the Joe Schmoe Show. This show has so many inside jokes about the stupidity of reality shows it is funny. I think this show takes over the top to the extreme in mocking all the above mentioned shows.
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    I watch whatever show catches my interest and keeps it. Sometimes there will be a show that isn't too great but I have to watch so that I can see the outcome. That is how Joe Millionaire was for me. I found it boring but I wanted to see what would happen in the end. These are my top 10 reality shows.
    1. Survivor
    2. Paradise Hotel (Survivor will always be my favorite but I have to tell you I have never been soooooooo addicted to a show like I have with P. Hoe.)
    3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    4. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    5. Real World/Road Rules (I have always been a fan of this show even during the boring seasons)
    6. Sorority Life/Fraternity Life
    7. The Family
    8. The Osbournes (It would rank higer on my list cuz I love Sharon and Ozzy but I just want to Smack Kelly all the time)
    9. Temptation Island (I loved the 2nd and 1st ones MUCH better than the one airing now)
    10. American Idol (I lose interest about half way but I still keep watching to see the performances etc.)

    I also really like Newlyweds Nick and Jessica. I can't get over how dumb that girl is!!!

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    Father Time lol
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    I'm going to make this simple:
    - character development
    - interesting characters (people)
    - alliances & twists (to keep things interesting)
    - good & bad
    Doesn't this sound familiar to good movies? That's why. Probably anything that gets my emotion running I'd consider good.

    1. Paradise Hotel (Most interesting people I've ever seen on a reality TV show, alliances and twists aplenty - #1 for a reason)
    2. Survivor (Started it all)
    3. Big Brother (Brought me back to reality TV with interesting characters and alliances)
    4. Temptation Island (1 & 2 only)
    5. Joe Schmo Show (Not total reality TV but has a lot of feeling)

    I can't stand shows that are like pageants - anything from Cupid to American Idol to Joe Millionaire - they're like gameshows. I can't stand watching gameshows.
    Big Brother 10 - Dan, Memphis

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    I'm trying not to be totally hooked on reality tv, but I am. Currently I'm watching Paradise Hotel, The Bachelor, Temptation Island 3, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I also like Big Brother (even though I hated this season). I don't like "Survivor" type shows, only dating/romance shows interest me. I also love Blind Date and Elimidate.

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    Let see... I think timing is everything... and second.. are the contestants.. and third is the format.

    I first started watching Survivor 2.. and I have been on that train since then.

    then I found mole 2 was excellent...

    then I got hooked on American Idol II.. not interested in AI 1 but when I saw Ruben Studdard.. I am forever his fan.

    then.. this summer is crazy.. I watch so many reality tv shows.. like

    bb4.. first timer..
    TAR4.. first timer..
    LCS.. that's a really good one
    Paradise Hotel..
    oh don't forgot.. fear factor
    FOFM 1,2.. bit and piece of it
    Fame.. bit and piece of it.

    That's about it.

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    Well, since its confession time around here...

    I started with Survivor-Susan sucked me in..

    I watch all of them, except a few on MTV (road rules and the ilk)

    But my favorites in order are:
    Joe Schmo
    Paradizzle HO's
    House Wars
    American Idol
    Performing As
    Fraternity Life
    The Family
    Queer Eye
    Temptation Island

    Hate the Osborns and Anna Nicole

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    I'm a complete junkie and will give them all a try atleast for a little while. Lately I'm having trouble staying with the romance shows tho (possibly cause I'm having enough trouble with that in real life, I have little desire to watch it??). The best I can do to describe how I pick a show is to put them into groups of importance for watching at my house....

    My favorites that keep me coming back...
    Amazing Race & Survivor..they claim my top spot hands down

    American Idol (& Fame and yes even Performing As)..I do love the talent shows especially when they are first starting and you get all those "great" outtakes of rejected performers

    there's sort of a skip here that moves to decorating/self improvement stuff, and I love all of them (anything on TLC/Style/Bravo/heck even the MTV "Made" shows)

    then I move on to the sort of miscellaneous stuff like Mole/Family/Big Brother/Fear Factor/Real World/Road Rules (and any of the other MTV programming..it's great time fill since it's basically on 24/7)

    and finally the dating stuff, and the more people in there and more far fetched it seems the better...the Joe Mill's/FLOM/PH/Temptation Island/Bachelor&ette type stuff (the only exception to this has been Boy Meets Boy which I was nearly religious about watching).

    Yep I'm definitely a junkie, but it's all good, everyone's got atleast a vice or two and this is a MAJOR one for me.

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    I'm pretty much a reality junkie, but I don't really care for the dating shows and BB was disappointing to me. But my faves in no particular order are/were:
    Joe Schmoe
    Queer Eye
    Combat Missions
    The Family
    Dance Fever
    BB (before this one)
    Endurance (kids show on Discovery Kids)

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