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Thread: Married At First Sight

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    Re: Married At First Sight

    I got a new Roku when I got a 4K TV and my new Roku remote has a voice search feature. All you do is push down the button and tell it what you want. SO easy! I have three remotes, but I only use the TV remote to turn back to TV mode from the Roku. I can switch over to the Roku just by hitting a button on the actual Roku remote. Weird.

    I've resorted to watching things on my phone if I didn't have another option, but I'd much rather see it on a bigger screen. At least my laptop, if not the TV.

    I know some have said that, based on Jon's demeanor on Unfiltered, that he did not seem like a man who is still married. This show is near pathologically good at misdirection, so I don't know what to think. He and Molly seem well-matched, but she's just put a wall up. At this point, I'd believe that ALL of them stayed together and that ALL of them got divorced!
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    Re: Married At First Sight

    I was very disappointed in ALL of the men after the last episode. John keeps bringing up sex when he fights with Molly. Ryan is ridiculous expecting that he can still devote so much time to his selfish pursuits and I hate how Jackie didn't stick to her guns and made excuses for him (maybe I was too hard because blah blah blah.) And Jephte, oh Jephte. I had high hopes that he'd turned a corner but he's back to his old self. Shawniece doesn't deserve to be treated like she doesn't matter. Maybe the girls are just getting the good edit right now.
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    Re: Married At First Sight

    I noticed Molly was not in the after show. I wondered if it was because she is done with him. If that was the case, perhaps it is good she didn't have sex.

    I was disappointed in all the men this episode.
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    Re: Married At First Sight

    Season 5 of the Australian MAFS is in its final week and not one couple looks like they will stay together, which is pretty much like every other season, this version has just become all about creating drama with a cheating scandal, bad editing and terrible people, plus matching people who live on different sides of the country, even the ones you thought were nice are now turning quite insane
    Its no longer about finding true love but about how miserable you can make someone and how much over the top drama you can bring
    Yet I can not stop watching this train wreak, which is probably why they make it worse and worse each season, only one couple in 5 seasons has stayed together and that was from season 1 so it would be nice if we could see another one but it certainly wont happen with this lot
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