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Thread: Mystery Millionaire - WE network

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    Mystery Millionaire - WE network

    A friend of mine tipped me off to this trashy indulgence: Mystery Millionaire. A millionaire goes undercover to live in a ratty apartment, drive a hoopty car and have a minimum wage-type job. This is NOT Secret Millionaire, where they go undercover to find people who need help and give to charity.... nope, they are going undercover to find LUUUUUURVE. Each millionaire is set up on 3 blind dates. They cannot reveal their true financial status to the people they are dating. The goal is to develop a real relationship with someone and find someone who really loves them for themselves and not for their money. Most featured on the show have had issues with dating gold diggers in the past. At the end of the show, they reveal themselves as a millionaire. Will the people they are dating be angry they've been "lied to" or delighted that they've hit the jackpot? Well, obviously... on episode one the girl acted a little miffed and then quickly got over it. In the follow-up 2-months later, the girl was delighted that the millionaire had purchased her a Chanel handbag. (Rolling my eyes.)

    I've only watched the first episode so far and I really enjoyed it. My only compliant is that they take the "no money" thing a little too far. Ie., was it really necessary to have the guy drive a rusted out 1980 pick-up with the cloth headliner falling down? That made him seem derelict. If the goal is really to find someone not so concerned with money, what's wrong with having them drive something respectable yet not flashy like a 5-year-old Honda Accord or Toyota Camry that is clean and well maintained?

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    Re: Mystery Millionaire - WE network

    I've watched most of the episodes. They're only fair, but not horrible. I love romance, so if the 'millionaire' and any of the 3 dates have chemistry, I enjoy watching their time together. I agree that TPTB take the 'no money' thing too far. I'm also not crazy about the constant narration about the 'rules' --- but all in all, for me, if there's chemistry, it's watchable.
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