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Thread: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

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    Re: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

    This letting pets run so they won't be depressed thing. You know what depresses an animal? Getting hit by a car. For whatever reason last weekend everyone in my neighborhood had cats and dogs out running loose in their yards and subsequently in the street. I had a dog run from the side (I didn't even see it) and get under my car and then tangled up in my wheels before it ran off and I was driving real slow that day under 20 mph. Couple days later I felt like I was driving through a gauntlet of cats on another street in town darting out of nowhere in front of my car.

    Few things in the pet world drive me crazier than than people letting their animals run unsupervised and uncontrolled.
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    Re: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

    ^ Yep, agree. This last weekend (and some days beforehand) were especially bad for pets, whether inside or out, with all the at-home fireworks...poor dogs in the neighborhood, especially, were completely out of sorts from the idiots putting off M-80's and such in the street. :-( A coworker was complaining to me that he didn't get to enjoy the fireworks show they drove a half hour to go see...he had to take his dog (English bulldog) back to the car because he was upset. I'm like, you took your dog to a fireworks show?! Wow.
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    Re: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss View Post
    I thought you'd all enjoy seeing this.

    Where Did Animal Planet Star Jackson Galaxy Get Married?
    Oh! Considering that Jackson is a cat behaviorist, I assumed he had a cat (or several cats) as pets. Or maybe he does have cats, too, but they only took the dog to the wedding since cats are harder to control. A dog will pretty much stick by your side in public or can be called back if they wander but a cat will take off and not look back!
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    Re: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

    Jackson has some cats. He features them sometimes on his videos.

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    Re: My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet

    I just have to say, a lot of the time (on this show), the only thing that the cat needs is FUN. Someone to play with! LOL Jackson says, "Here's some toys, Matilda, you're appointed to be the play buddy". wth? Um. Yeahhhhh.. Not ALL episodes, but A LOT of'm that I've seen anyway. Just play with them and bond better!!!

    I have 3 cats that live inside/outside. They can roam in the backyard, period. I bought green chicken meshed wire .. cut it (longways) in half. Took an industrial staple-gun and attached it to the top of our fence ALL THE WAY AROUND. I haven't had a single cat get out (OR in) about 11 years, since putting it up.
    I don't think animals should run free either.. it's not the right way to raise them. 4th of July should be outlawed! It's like D-Day here..just awful.
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