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Thread: Blood Sweat and Heels

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    What we learned last night definitely put Mica's problem in a different light. She's been through a lot. No wonder she is crazy, but she shouldn't let her take it down like she has. The sooner she gets treatment, the better. Somebody needs to shake some sense into her instead of tiptoeing around the reality of her situation.

    Geneva and her "friend" had me cracking up!! It was obvious what SHE wanted; he was on the same page!!! It was almost x-rated when they started feeding each other in the restaurant.....and the kissing on the street........good golly Miss Molly!!!! They were about to start their OWN earthquake!!!!
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    Did anyone see the season finale? I just did last night.

    The ladies all spent the evening on the Hudson watching Fireworks (July 4th I am guessing).

    They had a lovely dinner and as soon as the food arrived Demetria wanted to discuss the whole situation regarding Mica and The Hamptons.

    It quickly became 3, (Demetria, Genvea and Brie) against Mica and simply because Mica was not at all owning her behavior in The Hamptons and Geneva threw in Mica's wild screaming nonsense at her Party earlier in the season.

    Brie reminded her (that at The Hamptons) the first thing she did was ask Mica how her Father was and Mica did not answer but instead was screaming loudly and and acting like a SLOPPY DRUNK.

    Demetria and Geneva agreed. Daisy and Mylessa said nothing. The 3 ladies continued to basically point out that Mica needs to rein it in, own her poor behavior and get some help for it.

    Mica leaves the table. The 3 ladies explain to the 2 that they were NOT there and that they have NO idea who badly Mica's behavior was in The Hamptons.

    The 2 did eventually leave to find Mica who was below deck crying and wanting to get off the boat.

    Mica told Mylessa and Daisy she was very upset with them for NOT having her back.

    Eventually, they all went back on deck and together watched the Fireworks.

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    My goodness. I am just now watching the shows. Daisy is so young and sweet. Really all the girls are so young. I just never would think anyone of them would get cancer. Prayers for Daisy.
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    I am so sorry to hear that Daisy has cancer,Wow
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
    Geneva and Demetria were on Andy the other night. They were so boring.
    Geneva is only interesting to herself.
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    Quote Originally Posted by mayamaisha View Post
    Geneva is only interesting to herself.
    I find Geneva annoying. That whole issue with the cab ride was ridiculous. Made me want to slap her.

    I find Mica very funny & entertaining this year.

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Heels

    Demetria is also rather boring. I find myself glazng over when she's onscreen talking. She has no energy and for someone who just put out a book, she seems pretty bored with her own book. Plus who needs another self-help book at dating men. Yawn....

    Maybe if she'd had something interesting to say, and had any energy or enthusiasm for her own book, she wouldn't have spent so much time being annoyed about the noise that Chantelle (?) was making. In fact, maybe Chantelle (and everyone else) would have been listening-- and her book party wouldn't have fallen as flat as a collapsed omelet.
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