I have started recording this series.

Sarah who was married for seven years to a rich man but he divorced her when he started an affair with her best friend shops thrift stores all day long sometimes spending her rent money. The doctor brings in a consignment expert who tells Sarah she can get 7,000 for selling her stuff. Sarahs eyes light up and she says yes she wants to sell her stuff and let go of the past.

I can see that she wanted the money so that she could go on a shopping trip. I think the dr was not prepared to go through the work to look at the problem. Sarah is masking the problem by nickle and diming it at thrift stores. I think sarah needs to do yoga to quiet herself but not even that might work. Maybe she needs to daily acknowledge the problem.

She needs to acknowledge that shopping is not good for her. And maybe channel her energy into something else...perhaps walking...or gratitude.