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It was Lucky and Louie. The only reason I can figure they won is because they didn't stick their neck out. They didn't help cross the river, they didn't lead with the GPS, they weren't able to make fire, and they left a team behind. What winners.

Why were Jim and Austin criticized for not continuing to search for the flint that broke and told they should have searched all night because it was their "lifeline", but Lucky and Louie are not criticised for not continuing to try to light a fire with their flint that was WORKING?

Based on the challenges of this episode, Jeff and Chris SHOULD have won the 500,000 dollars. The other two teams would have frozen to death.

And apparently Louie was always upbeat. Sure, when she wasn't putting down other teams or talking behind other people's backs...

I gave this show every chance. I won't watch again. I always knew Bear was a grade a ass, but I put that aside in hopes for some kind of decent show. What a waste of time!
That confused me too as I saw plenty of times that she complained about everyone else. Everyone did it though.

I thought it would be stupid to look for a flint in the dark and on damp soggy ground.

Well, Jeff and Chris were pretty foolhardy and prideful in many of their choices so overall I am happy with the winners. I do hope if there is a second season that they change the format.