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Thread: EXIT (SyFy game show)

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    EXIT (SyFy game show)

    I haven't seen a thread for this competition yet, but EXIT is on Tuesdays at 9/8 central on the SyFy Channel.

    Basically, it's a bit of a twisted "Finder's Keepers" (i.e. the old 1980s kids game show) type game show in that they are put in rooms that have "dangers" in them, have to answer questions and not be the last team (of two) to get out of each round.

    Some of the rooms have the teams:

    1. Standing on six foot beams that move into the wall at up to 20 inch increments

    2. A "Freezing room" where they answer a set of three puzzles to free wire cutters for the "freezing machine"

    3. "Quicksand" - a bunch of polystyrene pellets you see in bean bags where they sink every time there's a question wrong

    4. Rooms that collapse on each other

    5. Room that fills up with water as you answer the questions.

    They go through three rounds before the final room, where the team has 10 minutes to escape playing four rounds of games to free themselves.

    The prize is $10,000, and won only if they can complete the final challenge.

    It's a fun show, but may have to face some stiff competition from other gameshows.

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    Re: EXIT (SyFy game show)

    I saw all of the first show. It was okay. In the last challenge where the final couple was in the collapsing room and had to answer a bunch of questions in a short amount of time, I was annoyed because the host, instead of delivering the questions rapid-fire, was throwing in a lot of "cute" comments. I was glad the couple won despite the host using up a bunch of their time.

    I saw a bit of last night's show too. I enjoy it while I'm watching it, but it's not something I HAVE to tune in to.

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    Re: EXIT (SyFy game show)

    I feel exactly the same as you do, Kip. Most of the questions they ask are extremely easy to answer. I think they pick contestants will either feel or pretend to feel terror. They have to know that the show won't allow them to be seriously injured or killed despite what they see. On the other hand, I do think the circumstances of the moment can play with their emotions.

    I'll watch, but if I miss it, no big deal.
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