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Thread: 72 Hours - TNT

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    Re: 72 Hours - TNT

    Quote Originally Posted by cavendish
    It's so interesting thought that when people can re-find their inner motivation, they can overcome the wall they've hit-- especially with the support of their teammates. Or when they finally can connect to their teammates and support them and work with them-- both of those changes of inner attitude seemed to be associated with do a lot better than you could have imagined. Yet when their team turns against them, people become more and more angry and vengeful, while being blamed by the others-- and finally aren't (or willing) able to go o n.
    I agree cavendish, and I think this was most apparent in the sixth episode. We had a girl with Raynaud's... someone who shouldn't even attempt to be in a cold enviroment, not only finish, but win the race. She was delighted at the support of her team mates, and they recognized they could not race without her at her best. We never heard a complaint about her slowing them down. Instead we heard, "we all have weaknesses", a confirmation that they were going to all help each other no matter what.
    In contrast, we had the evilest team of the season. They pushed the weakest member so hard... I think she would have done well if they had slowed a little and allowed her short periods of rest, but she was forced to proceed at their pace no matter what. She ended up breaking her knee, of course, and even then her pain was not acknowledged. The 48 year old woman was a nightmare with her harping and patronizing attitude about the fire (could you imagine having her as a mother?) and her smirking sidekick had his punch me face on continuously.

    I believe there is absolutely no way the girl with Raynaud's would have succeeded with the latter team, (she probably would have ended up hypothermic or worse) and probably the woman who had broken her knee would have been successful with the other team. What a difference one team mate makes.

    I wonder if part of the problem with the guy who quit in the last episode was the blond woman kept bitching at him. At first, both she and the guy were kind of bitching at the slower girl. As she slowed down, she joined the side of the slower girl and flipped it on him (as far as I can remember). Perhaps he just refused to listen when she tried to talk reasonably, and that is why the bitching began. I don't recall them having a reasonable conversation at all.

    ETA: I LOVE this show and what it reveals about people... that's my favourite part about reality television and why I rarely watch 'scripted' or 'character' shows like Big Brother or whatnot.
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    Re: 72 Hours - TNT

    link to the wiki: 72 Hours (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It looks as if there be might be a DVD released for season 1.

    Liked that there actually were positive reviews about the show focusing on the race and not so much the drama.
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