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Thread: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    Quote Originally Posted by spockwhat View Post
    If there is no second season, production has no one to blame but themselves.

    As far as I'm concerned, in the first season of a reality show, you want the viewers to enjoy the finale... make sure your winner is edited to look the part of hero or something so people will be happy with the outcome. Brian was played up as a villian earlier in this show, and they wait until the last 2 weeks to try to redeem him?! Absolute stupidity. If they had given Brian a better edit at least a couple of weeks earlier they could have saved the final from being a complete bomb. It was terrible.
    That's point number one as to why production is plain stupid. Number two is that they are giving this man a book deal. Who here will buy a cookbook written by BRIAN? No one, at are least mostly no one.
    Personally, of all the contestants, I would have bought Francines... because she came up with dishes that were different to me that I would actually like to try, and she has a personality and sense of humour that would have translated well to a book. MAJOR whoops on the part of the show.
    Really, I liked this show, and I think they just BLEW it. I'm rather annoyed with the stupidity of the whole thing.
    Excellent points!

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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I wouldn't buy a cookbook authored by Brian. Ever since his cheating -- and bragging about cheating, and getting away with it -- on the cookie episode, I don't like him.
    And I don't think that, overall, based on his performances, he's anywhere near being the most talented baker.

    Too bad, because I really enjoyed the vibe of this show otherwise. But I don't see a second season next year.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I'm also disappointed with the winner. He was not all that great throughout the season and like someone mentioned earlier, he even cheated in the cookie challenge.

    What a letdown!

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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I heard Paul quietly mumble that he offered Brian a job. Brian has told us he wants to open a B&B. We'll see which path he takes.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I agree on those reasons for there may not being a second season, which is also part of why this finale was disappointing. Brian did win the first Technical challenge, but that was in the first week. After that, he was average to mediocre almost every week following, and even tried cheating on the cookies. The week before last he had a good showing, but final week, he was about on part with the other two. Why would he be chosen as the winner, when Francine and especially Darlene have been stronger all season? It really feels like they just wanted him to win for whatever reason, no matter how badly he did. It ended up being like top Chef, where they ignore the best chefs and sometimes a complete hack ends up winning, like Kevin, Ilan and Hosea. Another issue is only two judges, meaning the judging becomes stilted. A minimum of 3 judges is always better.

    And I don't see Brian's cookbook selling either. It's not just about food knowledge, it's about personality too. Brian's personality was not appealing, and his food never amazed me, and it seems I'm not alone on that, so I see his book being a flop. Counter that with Masterchef's Christine Ha, who was likeable and her food interested me. I don't own her cookbook, but it's already made it to the New York's Best Seller's list.

    Another reason I don't think the show will get a second season is because of CBS's own fault. It barely got any promotion, no word of mouth from them to excite people about the show, and then they put it up against rating's powerhouse, Masterchef. I know the first week it did very low ratings, don't know how it went afterwards. If it doesn't get a second season, it'll be a shame. Because other than the final episode, the show was really good. It had mostly likeable contestants, it focused on the food and gave you baking tips, and barely any drama, plus Jeff Foxworthy being such a delightful host. I can't believe how CBS dropped the ball on a show with so many good things going for it. It was such a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to the current season of Masterchef, which has been filled with such unpleasant drama, ugly personalities and barely any focus on the food itself.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I loved Francine, but Darlene was the most consistent from week to week. I think she got robbed.
    I was shocked and disappointed when they announced Brian as the winner - not only because he showed himself to be
    arrogant and d-baggy from week to week (save for one episode), but because his bakes were often mediocre.

    I still wish they would have another season. I really enjoyed the show up until the winner was announced.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I go along with the disappointment in Brian as the winner. I thought his first bake looked very messy. I think he can bake, but Paul is welcome to him. I'd not be interested in his cookbook.

    I thought Darlene was the most consistent all the way through and her bakes always had an attractive display. I think she was robbed.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    Funny you mention Paul - he seemed to be rather rude to both women and not Brian. The other judge was fairer in her assessments.

    I didn't realize it was Brian who cheated... but that only makes this win even more disappointing. When you reward cheaters by letting them continue in the competition and win, you set a bad example. I mean - as much as I was disappointed in how Michelle won in "Project Runway" this year - i.e. how they handled it - she didn't cheat, she got a second chance.

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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    I had never heard of Paul Hollywood before this show, then I thought he was such a cutie. That changed rather quickly when I found out what was going on behind the scenes.

    Now I think that perhaps he was not the best judge for a baking competition where the competitors were Americans. He was very rigid about his flavor profile and expected the contestants to match his preferences. I think a better judging format would have been the inclusion of a third judge to off-set his narrow preferences.

    Now that FN is no longer airing any of their challenges, any of those judges or hosts would have been a great third judge.

    If this show returns? They need to get judges who can set their own preferences aside and judge based on the quality of the items.
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    Re: The American Baking Competition (CBS Wed 8 PM ET)

    How did Brian cheat?

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