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Thread: Britain's Got Talent

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    Britain's Got Talent

    There's not a BGT thread is there? I searched and couldn't find anything.

    So anyway,

    The new season started today. Anybody else watching?

    So far one of my favorites are Attraction, who are basically like the Silhouettes in AGT 2011 but I love Attraction a lot more. A lot better imo.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    I'm going to be watching --- I just downloaded the first episode off the internet, cause on my tv, I am not getting any channel that broadcasts Britains Got Talent. Where are you all seeing this program?

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    Today was episode 2, and it was a good one.

    I'd say my Episode 2 favorites were the brothers, Richard & Adam.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    Bosom Buddies = one of the most surprising successes. Based on how they looked you'd think they were gonna be a disaster. But nope. I don't see them going too far though tbh.

    The last auditionee, that Alex guy with the glasses, was good, but parts of his singing seemed too loud to me.

    Last week had another male singer - Robbie Kennedy. I don't care much for him.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    So far one of my favorites are Attraction, who are basically like the Silhouettes in AGT 2011 but I love Attraction a lot more. A lot better imo.
    Do you have to be British to audition for BGT? It seems Attraction is a Hungarian group. If you don't have to be British, I'm going to fly there and audition next year (I'm Canadian).

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    They are Hungarian.

    I'm not sure. On America's Got Talent I think you have to be an American citizen, regardless of where you're originally from. Here I'm not sure, because groups like Attraction may have just flown out from Hungary to go there.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    So the semifinal acts have been decided today.

    Not too many surprises. Attraction made it through along with almost everybody else we've seen.

    To me the biggest surprise was the high diving group not going through.

    Kelly Fox, the 70 year old "Kiss My Ass" singer wasn't shown in the cut downs but she didn't make it through.

    Attraction are still my favorites but we'll see what happens. The winner will be revealed, believe it or not, next week.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    Today was the first semifinal.


    Martin Healey - Novelty Dancer
    Band of Voices - exactly that
    Youth Creation - Kid Dance Group
    J Unity - Musical Duo
    Bosom Buddies - Drag Queen Opera Singers
    Philip Green - Comedy Impressionist
    Arisxandra - 11 year old singer
    Aaron Crow - Danger
    Richard & Adam - Brother Opera Singers

    My Top 3 guesses were Richard & Adam (public vote), with Aris and Philip facing the judges vote.

    Richard & Adam made it through, and Aris and Youth Creation faced the judges vote.

    The judges tied it up 2-2, so Aris went through since the tie was broken by the public vote.

    I didn't get how Youth Creation snuck into the Top 3. Was disappointed.

    Tomorrow's group:

    Alice Fredenham - Singer
    Gabz Gardiner - Singer
    Jack and Cormac - Musical Duo
    Jack Carroll - 14 year old comedian
    Martin & Marielle - Dancers
    MckNasty - DJ Drummer
    MD Dancers - Dance Group
    Meat Diva - Novelty Musical Duo
    Modupe - Singer

    My Top 3 guess: Alice/ MD / Jack

    Bolded is who I think is going through with the public vote.

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    Re: Britain's Got Talent

    The actual results:

    #1: Jack Carroll

    Gabz Gardiner beat Jack and Cormac in the judges' vote.

    I'm surprised Alice didn't make it up there, but then again I didn't see any of the performances yet.

    Tomorrow's group:

    Pre Skool - Kid Dance Group
    Rosie O'Sullivan - Singer
    Freelusion - Dance Group
    Joseph Hall - Dancer
    MC Boy - Rapper
    Robbie Kennedy - Singer
    Stevie Pink - Magic
    Thomas Bounce - Juggler
    Luminites - Singing Group

    My guess:

    Top 3: Luminites / Robbie / Rosie

    As much as Robbie is the big "come from nothing" sob story WGWG, this is Britain, and Luminites might have a larger following, so I'm betting on them being #1.

    Robbie will probably win the judges' vote. I wouldn't be surprised if Rosie got the boot before the Top 3 though.

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