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Thread: Hot Set (SyFy Tuesdays)

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    Re: Hot Set (SyFy Tuesdays)

    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel View Post
    I'll watch again, too. I find production design and set decoration fascinating and a very important part of film making. I like this concept better than Face Off because good movie makeup artists do more than just horror and creature type makeup and the show seems to focus only on that aspect.
    Me too! I didn't know that they had places that sold rocks, trees and just junk in general. I need to get out more
    I especially liked how the sets looked on film. The change up of contestants each week will keep the show interesting to me.
    I just knew that Craig was going to win and he probably would have if his set had breathed. I thought that was a very clever idea. Too bad he was to far along with his original idea to make it work.
    Abra and her husband make a good team, he was able to translate her vision thus, helping her win.
    Since Craig wasn't able to follow through with the breathing set, I was glad Abra won.

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    Re: Hot Set (SyFy Tuesdays)

    As much as I adore Face Off, I don't think the formula for this show is working out well. Each week is 2 new designers, one wins and you start over next week. No sense of real competition, comraderie, drama, anything.
    And 3 shows in, they've already had 2 sci-fi themed scripts. I guess I shouldn't be surprised given the channel it's on, but the designers are not showing a hell of a lot of creativity. Android bordello - let's do it in....RED! yawn....

    oh and let's have huge steps that the dancers can't manage...good grief.

    I'm FF through most of this snooze fest to the final reveal.
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    Re: Hot Set (SyFy Tuesdays)

    Yeah, I've lost interest as well. As in most challenge shows, there just isn't enough time for quality work. Next week they go fantasy with Alice in Wonderland. What would be fun with that is using the Face Off characters (Wonderland infested by the zombie virus) in the space. Supposedly Alice is to be tall, small or upside down. We'll see.
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