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Thread: All the Right Moves (Oxygen)

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    Re: All the Right Moves (Oxygen)

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Will we be seeing your brother Danny Tidwell, who's also a "SYTYCD" alum, this season?
    No, you won't. He's been in Norway dancing with the Norwegian Ballet Company. But, he's coming back from that and a cliffhanger for the series is that we possibly might go on tour and that might be a Season 2. But I would love if he would come and perform with us.
    Yay for All The Right Moves! And Yay! for the guys letting Kyle be a creative director! I'm so sad the series is over cause I really enjoyed and appreciated it!!! But hopefully there will be a Season 2!
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    Re: All the Right Moves (Oxygen)

    I'd love to see a season 2, too! I love how much actual dancing they show on this show. They focus on the personal lives too, but there's always a lot of dancing. Plus, I enjoy seeing the SYTYCD folks do well. So many talented alums. Allison's been all over: she's an all-star on SYTYCD, she's on this show as a member of the company and then she assisted the Ballet Boys on their series, A Chance to Dance. Very happy to see her getting so much work!

    BTW - the Shaping Sound routine on DWTS was part of the Emmy nominated episode. Weirdly, Smash won the choreography Emmy over both SYTYCD and DWTS. I love that show, but please.
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