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Thread: Jackass' Star Arrested in Sweden

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    Jackass' Star Arrested in Sweden

    From the AP
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - One of the stars of MTV's ``Jackass'' was arrested in Sweden after saying he swallowed a condom filled with marijuana, police said Friday.

    Stephen Glover - known as Steve-O on the defunct series - was arrested Thursday after police raided his hotel room in Stockholm. Glover and other ``Jackass'' regulars had performed their ``Don't Try This at Home'' show in the Swedish capital Wednesday night.

    Prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad said the raid happened after Glover said he swallowed the condom as a stunt.

    Jason Berk, Glover's attorney in the United States, said Friday the arrest was a ``major misunderstanding and a failure to differentiate between the person and his art. There's nothing evidencing that he had any involvement with drugs other than entertaining e-mails sent to his fans and outlandish statements made to the press.''

    On his Web site, Glover wrote that he swallowed the condom and was ``stoned as can be and overjoyed with the success'' of the stunt. The entry was dated May 22.

    Fjaestad said an X-ray of Glover's body showed a ``foreign object'' in his stomach. Police also reported finding an Ecstasy pill and more marijuana in his hotel room.

    Glover, 28, could face charges of narcotics smuggling and possession of illegal drugs. A detention hearing is scheduled for the weekend and a judge will decide whether he should be kept in jail while prosecutors prepare any charges.
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    a person and his art? WTF?

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    Well it is jackass...

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