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Thread: Breaking Pointe (CW)

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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    I was bored with the first 15 minutes and stopped watching, but didn't delete it from my dvr. Had a chance to finish up this morning and, although it moves slowly, I think it will be something I'll watch again.

    Already do not like Allison. Felt bad for Katie - not many jobs tell you they are going to fire you two months in advance.

    Hopefully now that we have our 'cast of characters', the show will pick up and we'll see some beautiful dancing.
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    I watched and I enjoyed it..I love ballet though...I agree 4 is wayyyyy too young to be on pointe

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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    I really did enjoy this show. I will take this over Dance Moms any day of the week. Then again Dance mom's are my favorite trainwrecks.
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    I just caught up on it this weekend. I'm enjoying the story but am also enjoying the fact that it was shot in Salt Lake, where I live. I get a bit distracted from the story at times as I try to figure out which Salt Lake restaurant or bar they are in. I live near downtown Salt Lake, so almost all of the places where they are shooting are within a mile or so of my apartment. Very fun!
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    I really felt for Katie having to dance with the company for 2 more months, even though her contract wasn't renewed. Ouch. How on earth do you keep working hard when the company doesn't want you? I guess you have to in order to get a good recommendation if you ever hope to get a position in another company, but man. That strikes me as particularly masochistic.
    My thought about that:

    Click to see Spoiler:
    I think something is going to happen that allows Katie to return to the company. This holds true given they probably let go other dancers too but only she was shown. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a catch though where she is either on probation or dropped down a level in dancing.

    Just read that way to me - I could be wrong.

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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    Well, I caught the first show. I was impressed with the beginning but then it dissolved too much like an average teen-love-angst-W30 show. I was hoping it would stick to the dance. For this show I wasn't interested in who is liking or flirting with someone. That was too distracting for me from the dance itself. I dunno, maybe I should give it another chance? But I think I would be more interested in seeing seasoned pros.
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    Am I the only one watching tonight? Wow! These ballerinas eat a LOT!!!
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    That's refreshing because of the amount of energy they burn!

    I'm finding myself, as a non-ballet enthusiast, to be really enjoying it. Sometimes I can't tell some of the female leads apart--I'm getting there though.

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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    I have to say, the "healthy" eating thing definitely wasn't the norm when I was dancing. A friend of my ballet teacher danced for ABT and she used to come take class with us when she was home. She seemed to exist on a strict diet cigarettes and Diet Coke. She had also spent many years battling anorexia. Many of the dancers at the two studios where I danced were on very strict diets.

    Maybe when you get to the professional level, many of the dancers are naturally skinny, so they don't have to diet as obsessively as amateurs do... some of whom (even though they're very talented) probably end up quitting because they're tired of starving themselves

    I have to say, I'm not impressed with Ronnie as a dancer. I agree with Adam that he has several areas in his dancing where he needs work. He's good, but he's just lacking something. His feet aren't great, nor is his extension. I think if he worked more on his technique and dialed down his attitude a bit, he'd be more likely to make principal. The neck tattoo is a bit much. I wonder how much Dermablend he goes through covering up all those tats before performances.

    I can't figure Allison out. She acts all jealous about the attention Beckanne gets and whines about not getting the parts she wants, but when she DOES get great parts, she does nothing but complain. Yes, Adam gave her a lot, but it doesn't seem to have ocurred to her that he's testing her to see if she can step up and really excel.

    That dinner with the more experienced dancers and Beckanne was SO awkward. I felt so bad for her. I was surprised that the friend who brought her didn't make more of an effort to include her in the conversation.
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    Re: Breaking Pointe (CW)

    Critical, I agree with everything you said about Ronnie. He is my least liked of the male dancers. I did have a laugh though when the tattoo artist kept referring to him as a "ballerina," and kind of admired his not making an issue of it.

    I'm also not pleased with the way they are treating Beckanne. It's true that there is a heirarchy and extreme competition among dancers and especially among the older dancers who know their time is limited. Beckanne is very talented and they all see her as a threat, but it's hard to watch the way she is treated. I'm rooting for her.
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