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Thread: Dogs in the City (CBS Wed 8 P.M.)

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    Re: Dogs in the City (CBS Wed 8 P.M.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
    DH and love this show and the cutie guy who trains the animals. We can't get our cats to do anything. Not sit. Not come. Not stay. Not rollover. Most times we can call them by name several times from just across the room and they won't even turn their heads in our direction to acknowledge us. I'm sure they love us, but they're not so demonstrative as dogs. Except when DH doles out their kitty treats (I call it kitty crack) every afternoon and all five come running at the sound of the crackle of the kitty treats bag. It's fascinating to us to see a species that actually works so hard to make their humans happy. Taking on a dog seems like such a big responsibility. Cats are more like roommates who, for the most part, are pretty independent and mnd their own business, whatever that might be. Who knows? (We want a Cat-Cam!)

    And so while watching the show we Googled the question: why are they so different? Are dogs or cats smarter? Oxford has come up with an answer that makes a lot of sense:

    ref. Oxford cracks the mysery: Are cats smarter than dogs? | Metro

    Makes sense that a trait that was so basic to each species long before domestication would still prevail. But I still prefer my furry, purry housemates. They know where it is proper to go to the toilet and I don't have to deal with a Pooper Scooper! Getting to know dogs better,though, is a good thing for those of us who have never had one. So, anyway, we love the show and cried our a**es off when the police dog retired.

    So, if we are talking about dogs, I wonder why the family dogs that were common back then (Fifties, Sixties) seem so uncommon now? People then had Collies, German Shepards, Poodles, Chows, and Cocker Spaniels. There weren't many tiny dogs, but there were a lot of cats. Most folks back then (and now) have domestic long hair or domestic short hair cats, sometimes with a little exotic mixed in, like Siamese or Manx.

    No idea why I posted this musing on the Dogs in the City thread. I swear to God, I only had one Long Island and one Margarita at lunch with a couple of girlfreinds, but somehow I had to respond that "I really like this series". Just ignore the rest. Blah, blah, blah.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful lunch!

    We had a Collie, German Shepard and Boxer when I was a kid, although not at the same time. They were all very smart dogs. As an adult, I am now attracted to small dogs. They seem easier to keep inside, not as much to groom, etc. I have a dream dog in mind and I hope that I will see my way clear to get it by next year. It's such a big responsiblity. I don't want to get a dog that I have to lock up all day or leave by itself. That's just me.

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    Re: Dogs in the City (CBS Wed 8 P.M.)

    I love this guy. I have spent some time trying to find info on how to contact this guy. Any help? I have a small rescue terrier with some issues.
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    Re: Dogs in the City (CBS Wed 8 P.M.)

    I *LOVE* this show! Is there going to be a Season 2? If so, when?

    Hope hope hope so...

    Just found out (old "The Talk" interview) that Justin has done stand-up comedy for 10 years...must check youtube...

    I really love the "your handsome dog trainer" jest while he was smooching the omg-how-overly-spoiled dog who lives in the extreme posh hotel...

    sidenote comment: OK, so Justin has a Queens accent (love it, just didn't know what it was
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