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Thread: Flipped Off on A&E

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    Re: Flipped Off on A&E

    I'm not too fond of the show - I have watched it. That said, if it keeps any of the Hantz from being on "Survivor" and being totally obnoxious, sexist or potentially HARMFUL to their colleagues (i.e. Russell dumping the water out at his tribe), I'll all for it staying on right now.
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    Re: Flipped Off on A&E

    So we watched an episode. It was a bit ridiculous and at times they have both somewhat shown to be idiots who don't know what they're doing. Ridiculous, stupid, facepalm worthy, but a bit interesting.

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    Re: Flipped Off on A&E

    Just watched the last episode where they (not just Russell, it was the show and others as well) sent their parents on a trip to Rome and they remodeled the whole house in 2 weeks.

    This show is entertaining, if nothing else. I can watch, make comments to Russell, Shawn, and Kristen that I know they can't hear, and not worry about anything else while it's on.

    I'm ready for someone to call him out on the "Look what "I" did. No, you didn't do anything by yourself, you had your brother and many other helpers to do the work. It's also interesting to see how sneaky he is with his family.

    I'm also wondering why we haven't seen his nephew, Brandon, on the show. Maybe he already has a job and doesn't need another 15 minutes on camera. I'd like to see that he's okay, after the Survivor Reunion I didn't think his family treated him well.
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