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Thread: Dance Moms: Miami

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    Re: Dance Moms: Miami

    My main issues with the addition of Mia is I don't believe the instructors were surprised that she was joining the group for the week and should have planned solos accordingly. It wasn't fair to the other soloists to leave them hanging on a limb whether they were going to get to dance, while Mia had her slot wrapped up. It was very sweet of Hannah to tell her mother that she would be willing to forgo her dance even though you could see that she was hurt by it. Even the sweetest mom of them all, Ana, was left in tears worrying about Kimmy and how she'd feel if she lost her solo spot in the 11th hour.

    Then with Mia and Bridgette, Mia put her hand in Bridgette's face. They were both clearly wrong, but if someone put their hand in my face in a argument, my reflex would be to push it away as well. They acted like Bridgette (never did I think I'd be defending her) had thrown a sucker punch. By the time they got to Jessi's mom, I almost forget what the argument was about, but it seemed like for once she was making a reasonable argument about the favoritism they displayed toward Mia. (I'm fuzzy on that now, and I've already deleted it from my DVR, so I could be mistaken about Jessi's mom). In the end, it was terrible to see Lucas and Jessi leaving in a heap of sobs.
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    Re: Dance Moms: Miami

    Yes, if someone puts their hand that close to my face then my personal space has been invaded and I will swat it away. And in my opinion, the owner of the hand crossed the line first. I had no problem with Brigette pushing that hand away, she got what she was asking for. And for whichever instructor got in the middle, that was just stupid. They obviously wanted Mia to remain and were backing her and her smarmy mom no matter what.

    I don't believe the moms behaved very cordially to Leo, however I can understand the frustration they felt when they give up so much and someone who didn't even try out swoops in at the last minute and threatens to take places away. The moms should have addressed Victor and Angel, instead of Leo who had nothing to do with it.

    Victor's mom gets on my nerves. Victor is really starting to get on my nerves, with his diva "I'm in charge" attitude. Angel is more the angel and Victor is more the diva as time goes on. I hope he gets it under control before season 2.
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    Re: Dance Moms: Miami

    I am amazed and impressed with the amount of wisdom the children seem to have. The moms seem to have none. Team dancers, I am.
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    Re: Dance Moms: Miami

    My problem with these dance shows is that the drama is so manufactured that it is taking away what could have been a good show. There is no way that Lucas' mother should have been reprimanded anymore than Mia's should have. Mia's mother kept getting closer and closer until she had her hand right in her face.

    As for the solos, it was obvious when payment was expected that the mothers pay for what their children dance. Now I know it looks like the families on these shows are full off, but it is ridiculous to not know what you are getting and paying for up until the last second. As for the children, any parent whom allows their children to be put into this type of drama really needs to reevaluate their skills. Children should not have to see their parents so angry regarding what seems to be a passion of theirs. This could create animosity and anger for their relationships for years to come.

    As for Jessi, I agree her mother is a bit much, but the way she talks to her mother is disgraceful. No child of mine is going to tell me what I am going to spend my money on or my time doing. Obviously she is learning from her mother, and disrespect is running rampant in that family. I always tell my children you can complain but until you pay for your own stuff I am not interested in the disrespect for my or my husband and our decisions for our household. Jessi saying she is not leaving shows how immature children truly are and how they need guidance.

    So if this is how this show is going to go with so much fake drama, I have lost interest in it completely.

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