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Thread: Miss America Pageant

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    Miss America Pageant

    I liked seeing the child videos on the wall behind for each of the performers. It lets us see that these girls have been on a stage for years. I used to think they just made something up to be in the pageant. But now I see. The pageant is the result of their childhood activities.

    I would have liked for Miss TN to sing Memories in English. That would have had more power.

    We viewers like to know what individuals are going to present. The way they haphazardly eliminated girls took away something from the viewers.

    EXCELLENT answers all

    Loved the evening wear. I am a sap. I like anything that looks like a wedding.

    Some of the girls need to think about posture (hello crowd) when walking their swimsuits out. Stop thinking about twisting their butts...cuz that just is not elegant...

    Love thee old timing singing at the end--man singing "here she is MISS AMERICA....I want some old things.there is so much change. I like it when there is some constancy.
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    Re: Miss America Pageant

    I usually don't watch Miss America any more - but there was nothing else on, and I wanted to take a quick look when they introduced all of the contestants. Then I realized that Miss Arizona is the daughter of someone I used to work with, so I ended up watching the whole thing. It's very different from what it used to be.
    • That process of just eliminating some of the contestants in the middle of the talent competition was really weird. One young lady seemed to be ignoring everything on stage and just listening to her music on her iPod during most of the talent competition. Then she ended up getting eliminated without even getting to sing. It was just odd to watch.
    • IMHO, the talent wasn't all that good. We've all been exposed to so many dancing critiques that we know to watch for finishing movements with the arms, hand extensions, etc. A couple of the singers were just dreadful, and I kept wanting to scream at the pianist to SIT UP!
    • Brooke Burke Charvet (sp?)? No thanks.
    • Mark Ballas and Kris Jenner as judges? Really? Wonder if Mark was wearing spats.

    All in all - a waste of a couple of hours.

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    Re: Miss America Pageant

    I don't like the elimination format. I thought Kris Jenner after the the girl answered the question had the duh look on her face as to what did she say. Then Chris H. kept telling the girls after the questions to go get changed. I think the Miss America Pageant has lost it's appeal.
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    Re: Miss America Pageant

    well it just isn't what it used to be to me anyhow but I watched since nothing else was on but pleaseeeeeeeee Mike Fleissmonster as a judge....wonder how many of the girls he tried to recruit for the bachelor and/or how many of those poor girls he "accidently" pawed
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