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Thread: Dinner with the Kings

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    Dinner with the Kings

    It was a good group of guests. I think what everyone was most grateful for was their mothers.

    Seth--mouth twitches nervously/weirdly. Dinner stress I suppose. I think he might be a very cold person

    Russell-- endearing

    Quincy Jones--people that are not truly your friends in your past won't make it to your future...like that quote of his

    Tyra--I don't like the dimples on my ass... Me too. I do notlike the dimples on my ass; liked her; she spoke the appropriate amount of time

    Conan--I would say shut up; but I think he is interesting 60 percent of the time

    Shaq--lucky to know that he has a meal; ditto...wonder what he would look like if he would transfer the hair on hisface to his head

    Twitter founder--how did a computer person like me end up at this table...I am afraid and not enjoying this food the way. A person should
    The last word isn't really important in situations when nobody is listening.

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    Re: Dinner with the Kings

    I really liked the IDEA of the show --- having a diverse group of very prominent people in different fields having conversation over dinner. But it was too bad that the natural flow of the conversation was so stilted by Larry King having a list of questions he felt he had to ask --- so that each of the questions interrupted any interesting direction that the conversation had actually started to take.

    Jon Favreau used to have a similar show called Dinner for Five on the IFC cable channel. It was fabulous! Each week he'd have dinner with 5 famous people --- usually the guests were comedians, but there were often other kinds of actors, directors, or producers --- and there was no script. They all chatted together, told stories, anecdotes, and discussed all kinds of things, but mostly related in some way to show business --- and the conversation just flowed naturally. It was sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but ALWAYS interesting. Loved that show, and I wish that Larry King had let his dinner guests just have a real conversation. With that diverse group of people that he chose, it might have been fascinating.

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