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Thread: HaMerotz LaMillion (Amazing Race Israel)

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    HaMerotz LaMillion (Amazing Race Israel)

    Probably a long shot, but is anybody following results or watching on Youtube or anything?

    In its second season right now. The main language is Hebrew (I think), but English is spoken at times, mainly to the locals of the countries they go to. We've been watching, and even though we can't understand their language it isn't too difficult to understand what's usually going on.

    Race legs are usually shown through two episodes, both the same week.

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    Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (Amazing Race Israel)

    I didn't know about this, but I would love to watch. Is it only available on YouTube? I do understand a little Hebrew and I know the alphabet although I'd need the vowel signs.
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    Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (Amazing Race Israel)

    Yay at somebody else posting.

    I have only found it on Youtube, on a channel that basically has every other international version of the show uploaded as well.

    Some of the twists are different from the American version. Such as the U-Turn. Instead of one team using it on one other, the teams actually vote before the Detour on who should get it, and after the teams complete their Detour do they go back to the stand and find out if they are free to continue or if they are the one that received the most votes.

    And even if I may not always understand what they are saying, I have found myself to like most of the teams here. And like I said they do speak english sometimes, usually with the locals, and swearing in english happens as well, but it is not censored.

    For a sample, here is the intro for Season 2: The Amazing Race Israel Season 2 Intro [HaMerotz LaMillion 2 Intro/

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    Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (Amazing Race Israel)

    Teams are in China right now. Before that they spent a lot of time in Europe. Six are left out of the eleven that started. One of my top favorites, Osi and Carmit (older women), finished last in the most recent leg but they are still in as it was a non-elimination. Unfortunately it appears they are Marked for Elimination (the stupid penalty where if they don't win the next leg they get a penalty of possibly half an hour or one hour), so chances are they're done. But I want them to stay and would rather see Tom and Adele (blue couple) go.

    My dream F3 at this point are Osi and Carmit, Alon and Oren (brothers), and Bar and Inna (blondes), who have been doing very surprisingly well throughout.
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