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Thread: All-American Muslim on TLC

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    Re: All-American Muslim on TLC

    tears.and.rain, thanks for explaining why you questioned what I wrote.
    Re-reading it with your interpretation in mind, I can see why you'd think I meant the family members on the show. I really meant Lowe's take on values, if they pulled their ads because of negative feelings about Muslims. (I don't think that's the reason though) But I meant if we don't like what companies do and their value system, we should show them that by not buying their products and especially to write and let them know that.

    I see nothing wrong with this family unless behaving like a normal boring American family is wrong!

    I'm glad you asked, and I'm glad I could explain. I try to not say offensive things about people, in RL or here, unless their actions define gross negativity and sometimes, even then I resist speaking about it. During my life, I've seen aquaintances behave horribly, and I've found it best to just not touch on it nor to gossip. Such behavior tells me who to keep in my life and who to remove.
    The only reason I don't continue to watch is that it's just not interesting to me, like a lot of other shows.

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    Re: All-American Muslim on TLC

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    I'm happy for Wrigley and Jeff, but I wasn't looking to be soothed like a fussy or overly agitated toddler, .
    Wow. Not really what I meant by pacified... Sorry if I offended anyone else. Not my intent at all. Kinda thought the issue was blown out of proportion controversy-wise (and all directed at one person), but certainly didn't mean anyone was a fussy toddler.

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