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Thread: Endurance

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    U Should start watching Again!!!!!!

    You really should start watching again. The 1st episodes were not that great but it has deff. improved! The drama is great and it shows how real people act under pressure!

    This show would be a little better if there are 16 year olds, that is the only complant I have!
    Watch the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I have watched it faithfully since the first episode. I watched all of season 1 and moolah heh...

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    I think it's kind of fun.
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    Tell All to Watch the Show!

    This show needs great ratings so please watch the show. I don't know what I would do without Endurance! I also can't wait till I have a chance to be on the show. I will post where to send your audition tape when I find out information!

    Remember to watch the show and tell your friends and family!!

    Shoutouts to all the cast members of Endurance-Peace!!


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    Well, I have watched all but the 1st episode this year. I really don't like the guy on the orange team. His partner should smack him up a little!

    But we'll see what happens today on the show.

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    Stupid recap show...

    Although I missed the first 2 eps, so I'm all caught up now, and ready for next week!

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    Ughh... I resent this show lol... its a bunch of teens making "alliances" and trying to act like adults heh... there are some good challenges though..... but the voting off thingy i dont like it
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    The whole thing lasts for about 14 days! What sort of Endurance can that teach you? I know that it's hard to be away from the playstation for that long, but really!

    Actually, I do watch this show. So far I like the first season better...the second season kids seem to be trying to imitate the first season kids who were imitating the people from Survior...not the best foundation for an "original" reality series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnduranceFan101
    I have been watching all of the 2nd season of Endurance so far, it is the best show I've ever seen! I can't wait till I apply for the 3rd season of this show, it really looks good!
    The only thing that should be changed is the age limit, it should be changed to 13-16!
    But overall it is a fun show to watch!

    ***** does anyone know how or where to apply for endurance.. i have allways really wanted to be on the show but i dont know how to get a application form

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    anyone know how to get on the show endurance.. i know u have to apply .. but where do u get the form and how

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