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Thread: Love In The Wild

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    Quote Originally Posted by navybelle View Post
    I felt so bad for Jason. That girl was rude to him! And Derek is such a tough one - that poor girl with him is constantly left wondering. He seems afraid of commitment or something. They work so well together as a team, but relationship-wise, he's a mess.

    But I love Miles and Heather - they're so cute and sweet together.
    I like how next week they MUST switch partners and the girls are trying to avoid getting Steele! haha!
    I couldn't stand that tiny Jess girl. It wasn't like she was drop dead gorgeous yet she kept acting like she deserved better than the guys she got.
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    Re: Love In The Wild

    More relationships on this show than in how many seasons of Bachelor / Bachelorette. I was somewhat surprised that the one girl opted to head to the un-matched area (and eventually leave) rather than break up a couple after her partner busted his toe. And yikes, I don't need a close-up of his gross toe.
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    Re: Love In The Wild

    I agree about the relationships. Really like the show and can't wait to see who is still together at the end of this. Derek and Jess are so sweet together. Fans thought he was a player at the beginning but he proved they were wrong. Jess also left cause she wasn't interested in anyone else. I think she used that excuse so as not to hurt feelings.

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    I enjoyed last nights show except for having to see Derek's toe...I really didn't need to see that! It will be nice to see if there are still some couples together a few months after the show is over if they update us all.

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    I'm not so squeamy that Derek's toe bothered me, though I felt sorry for him. Broken toes hurt a lot. But I was interested to see the extent of the injury, as it helped explain why he was eliminated. The chance of infection is probably the deciding factor.

    Too bad Derek and Jess went. Not only were they GOOD competitors, I like them both. I'd rather have had Ben or Steele go. Don't have anything against Erica or Brandee, except perhaps their choice in men. But I would be happy to do without either of those guys.

    I'm rooting for Mike and Samantha to win. I guess my second choice would be Miles and Heather. Don't have anything against Skip and Theresa, they just seem rather "blah" to me. And if any or all of those three couples end up married (or at least together for a very long time), I would not be surprised. Which would be amazing for a show like this!

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    woooooohooooo thank goodness someone else who can't stand Steele and see the jerk he hides behind that pretty face

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    Ben is a jerk. That is all.

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    To keep track of the couples:

    Blonde Jessica = Jessica
    Brunette Jessica = Jess

    Week #1 Starting couples:

    Winners: Samantha-Mike
    Eliminated: Dawn-Jared

    Week #2 Starting couples:

    Winners: Kym-Adam
    Eliminated: Vanessa-Peter

    Week #3 Starting Couples:

    Winners: Jessica-Derrick
    Eliminated: Kym-Adam

    Week #4 Starting couples:

    Winners: Jessica-Derrick
    Eliminated: Jess-Jason

    Week #5: Starting Couples:

    Starting couples after switch up: Ben-Samantha...Skip-Jessica...Derrick-Erica

    Winners: Ben-Samantha
    Eliminated: Derrick(due to foot injury) Jessica

    Week #6 Starting couples:

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    Re: Love In The Wild

    I don't know what Ben's problem is, but he should count himself lucky that someone like Brandee could possibly be interested in him. She's pretty, she's easygoing, and she tolerates his ridiculous sense of humour.
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    Re: Love In The Wild

    Quote Originally Posted by peacemar33 View Post
    I agree about the relationships. Really like the show and can't wait to see who is still together at the end of this. Derek and Jess are so sweet together. Fans thought he was a player at the beginning but he proved they were wrong. Jess also left cause she wasn't interested in anyone else. I think she used that excuse so as not to hurt feelings.
    This show has really come to impress me. I agree about Derek and Jess - I was one of them who didn't see him being serious at all about her, and I questioned his sincerity. Maybe getting hurt helped him realize she meant more to him than he was willing to admit! I give her credit too, by leaving she didn't break up anyone else's relationship (or budding one).

    That Ben, though - I cannot get a read on him. He seems to always want to be the joker, and I don't think he is really ready for a relationship. And if he is, he doesn't know how to go about it.

    I too am really interested in seeing a follow up on these couples afterwards!

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