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Thread: Irving Ln - LA - Gen & Frank's rooms

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    Irving Ln - LA - Gen & Frank's rooms

    Gen & Frank - Irving Ln - LA

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    Am I the only one who liked both of these rooms better before TS got to them?

    Gen's room was nice, I guess, but I thought the original room (while not exactly "decorated") was fun and had so much personality.

    I didn't care for Frank's room at all. I was surprised that the man had such a positive reaction to it.

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    I thought Gen's room was nice, but it was also nice beforehand, I do not see actual improvement really. It could have been better before and after without the black accents, some other color would have done it more justice.

    But I really liked Frank's room how he did it, both colors and furniture. Might just be me being homesick though, it reminded me of Ikea/Scandinavian student flats a little.

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