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Thread: Repo Games

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    Repo Games

    Has anyone seen this show? It is on Spike TV and not your typical repo reality show.. I saw three eps over the weekend and could not look away. Basically, a big dude shows up with cameras to repo someone's vehicle and while the unsuspecting people are screaming and waving baseball bats or the like, they tell them if they can answer 3 out of 6 trivia questions correctly, they will pay off their loan then and there! If they don't get them right, they take off w/ the car.. It's some crazy stuff!

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    Re: Repo Games

    Yes, we've seen the show. It is crazy. I believe it's 3 out of 5 questions correct. Sometimes (mostly) I really want the people to do well, to be able to keep their car...then there are the others. It's hilarious in a weird way, yet we also have compassion for the people getting their cars towed (again, mostly). There are exceptions. One lady just started screaming at them and attacking the camera guy. The host was trying to explain the show and she wouldn't listen, so he said ok, and just repo'd her car. He didn't even have a chance to ask her the questions.

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