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Thread: Beverly Hills Fabulous (VH1)

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    Beverly Hills Fabulous (VH1)

    Welcome to the outrageous world of the Elgin Charles Salon, where the raucous gossip of the black beauty shop meets the glitz of Beverly Hills. Located just off of Rodeo Dr., Elgin's salon has been a magnet for a who's who of celeb clientele. And now our skilled stylist is taking his brand to the next level and won't stop until "Elgin Charles" is a household name!

    Here's the problem: when you're Elgin,finding time to get anything done is next to impossible. Between keeping his clients happy, meeting with distributors for his product line, and raising his teenage son, Frank, Elgin barely has time to breathe. So if the self-proclaimed, "Emperor of Hair," is going to realize his dreams, he'll have to rely on the three talented but high-maintenance stylists who make up his staff.

    There's Sean, the opinionated rising star who's determined to run his own shop someday; Lolita, the Compton native whose sense of humor is as twisted as her weaves; and Katrina, the new girl from Kansas, who's desperate to land a celebrity client.

    When they venture out of the salon, Elgin and the crew will hit Beverly Hills boutiques and restaurants with abandon, living lives that are as glamorous as their clients'!

    Over the last twenty years, Elgin Charles has done and seen it all in the hair business. His quest to create a hair empire will take him into uncharted waters, with surprises that are shocking, hilarious, and always -- Fabulous!
    Loving this show!

    I just cant imagine Elgin and Jackee being a couple! And who knew that wrestler Sean went out with in Miami was gay? I was cracking up at the taser "girls"
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    re: Beverly Hills Fabulous (VH1)

    I'm loving it too! The Elgin/Jackee pairing gave me a WTH moment as well. I can only imagine that the battle over fabulousness played a role in the demise of that relationship. They are both so over the top-lol.

    The taser "girls" -smh! Too funny!

    Sean is too much. I would feel sorry for his assistant if she wasn't so darn crazy herself.

    I liked the episode where the 16 year old came in all dressed up with his $75 so that he could set up a treat for his mom. That was sweet.
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    re: Beverly Hills Fabulous (VH1)

    i am sooooooooooooooo confused abt elgin's sexuality. i'm going to have to ask my friend who has been getting her hair done there for years abt it. he reads as gay as sean to me, lol.

    i wish i could find a straight man to take me on the kind of date sean went on, lol!!!!

    the tasing trannies?!?!?!??!! i don't know if i've ever laughed so hard at a tv show. i mean it just came out of nowhere. i need to go to the website bc i think they have some extra scenes!

    Quote Originally Posted by AmyKay View Post
    Loving this show!

    I just cant imagine Elgin and Jackee being a couple! And who knew that wrestler Sean went out with in Miami was gay? I was cracking up at the taser "girls"

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    Re: Beverly Hills Fabulous (VH1)

    I like this show a lot - I didn't think I would. Elgin and Sean cracked me up the most especially when Sean fired his new assistant and then she came back to the shop looking thru the window. Sean's reaction was priceless. LMAO.

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