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Thread: America's Next Great Restaurant

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    Re: America's Next Great Restaurant

    Quote Originally Posted by MsMamba View Post
    Wow, it looks like Soul Daddy is having a hard time. 2 out of 3 restaurants closed.

    Reality Show Spawn Soul Daddy Closes NYC Location - Reality Shutter - Eater National
    Soul Daddy Shutters Los Angeles Location, Too - Reality Shutter - Eater National

    Also, I hear that the show won't be renewed. That's a shame because I really enjoyed it. :-(
    I'm not surprised the restaurants closed. Hopefully, he can make a success of the remaining one (Minneapolis?) and expand from there.

    I enjoyed the show too, though I thought the Indian and grilled cheese concepts had a better chance of success than the soul food one.

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    Re: America's Next Great Restaurant

    I wonder how long Spice Coast guy has to wait before trying to open - I thought he might have investors after the show, but there could be something in the contract? I am sorry if it's true it was not renewed - I loved the show, and seeing all the great new concepts, and steps that people go through to start a business.

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    Re: America's Next Great Restaurant

    Awww poor guy, to have his dream taken from him like that. Holding it in your hands and then *poof*, it's gone.

    So does this mean that the investors will stop meddling? Can he now fix what is wrong and hopefully make a success of his one location? Put that dang fried chicken on the menu!

    Was it Bobby who kept whining about the lack of fried chicken while the others shot him down? Maybe Flay actually knows a thing or two after all.
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    Re: America's Next Great Restaurant

    I read that the last Soul Daddy (located in MN) closed also. So disappointing! It was a dream come true for the guy who won, and now, that dream is so quickly over. I'm disappointed there probably won't be another ANGR show either. I wonder how Spice Coast would have done. I think it could have done well in NYC, not sure about MN.

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    Re: America's Next Great Restaurant

    Don't know how well any of the others would have done with the "investment" obviously being just enough to satisfy the promises made to the winner. This thing may have done the winner more harm than good. Let's see, we get a few foodie know it alls to twist and pull your every idea beyond recognition and once they get you to do that they pop up three restaurants that obviously didn't get any real hands on support. Quality control was all over the place. Price point and portion size were off. Don't know about locations in the other cities but while the Seaport is okay in NYC, Times Square, Grand Central Station or Herald Square would have been a ton better. It's a Soul Food joint, maybe Harlem would have been a really good consideration. People come from all over to eat in Harlem. You have a guy who had a fried chicken and waffles concept to begin with then you kill the freaking fried chicken off the menu. No, this guy didn't have a chance to make these places work. He was a novice who was given a questionable amount of guidance that was probably even less once the cameras stopped rolling. He didn't open HIS dream restaurant, he opened a restaurant chain created for tv. Anyone could have come in there and they would have diddled with and changed something about the place because they were making a tv show. It's likely the only season of this we will ever see, because who would put their dreams in their hands after what we've seen here.
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