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Thread: All About Aubrey (Oxygen)

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    All About Aubrey (Oxygen)

    Did anyone catch this last night? I did. I liked her way back during Making the Band, but kinda fell off the wagon after she was fired and started doing crazy stuff to get on TMZ. But it looks like she is trying to get back on track.

    I must say I think she looks WAY better with out all that makeup on, I wish she would feel the same!

    I will probably watch this show again if I remember that its on.
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    Re: All About Aubrey (Oxygen)

    Aubrey is a beautiful young woman who looks pretty with makeup or without. It is too bad that she sees herself as so flawed without it. I'm glad to see her trying to make a comeback because I remember her as being extremely talented and appealing --- not crazy about her show so far though, but I'll continue to watch it because I'm curious about her life.

    By the way, I was a wee bit surprised to see Aubrey and her friends jerking off her dog!!! On camera!!! Oh goodness!!!

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    Re: All About Aubrey (Oxygen)

    My bf and I watched today and we ended up liking it a lot more than we thought we would.

    I loved Aubrey on the first season of Making the Band. She was gorgeous, talented and she wasn't letting anyone tell her that she wasn't gonna make the band. But she totally changed after that first season, she got a huge head and she totally messed up her face with plastic surgery - it was so sad to see. I am glad she's trying to get her life and career back on track and I really hope she's able to do it.

    She looked so gorgeous when she took all that make-up off! How can she not see that? She looked younger and fresh faced, she looked almost like the old Aubrey. But I felt so awful for her when the choreographer was talking to her about her weight. She was so young when she started MTB! There's no way her body is ever gonna be able to look like that now. I hope she doesn't beat herself up about it too much.

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