Here's what Les recently had to say to the press about the reality shows on his schedule:

QUESTION: You are especially light on reality series.

MOONVES: We always are. Even though reality was started, I think this kind of reality by SURVIVOR, last year we own had SURVIVOR and THE AMAZING RACE on last year. We have never felt that reality should overtake your schedule. Used properly, reality can be a great tool.

We are starting SURVIVOR 7 in about two weeks. Who among you in this room, myself included, would have thought there would have been a SURVIVOR 7? You've got to go with the quality. Cream rises the to top. You get an American Idol, you get a SURVIVOR, you stick with it. You don't overload it with stuff. We have a couple of things we are trying out this summer. AMAZING RACE is coming on this summer; we are trying CUPID. I think it can be a great tool, STAR SEARCH, served us well, you might see some more STAR SEARCHES later on. It's a good hole-filler, but as a staple, bad idea.