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Thread: Peter Walsh - Enough Already

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    Peter Walsh - Enough Already

    Is anyone watching this show? It's on Oprah's OWN network.
    I've watched a few and so far, have enjoyed it. It may become too repetitive but I do like his approach with the people he's helping.

    Tonight's episode was particularly poignant about a family who's father was dying of Leukemia and how his wife and daughters were coping with it.
    Peter really trys to go deeper into why these people have so much clutter rather than just cleaning up the house. He was exceptionally helpful identifying the problems of this family, pointing out the elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about.

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    Re: Peter Walsh - Enough Already

    I have not seen it yet on OWN. But I have seen Peter on Oprah and I like him allot. I scrolled through OWN and set up a few of Peter's shows to tape and then watch.

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    Re: Peter Walsh - Enough Already

    I have watched this twice but it doesnt interest me. The hoarders are an emotional mess, obviously, and I find it tedious. I like Peter though.

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    Re: Peter Walsh - Enough Already

    I have seen a couple of episodes, but they pale by comparison to the extreme cases we have seen on Hoarders. These houses are merely cluttered, not in squalor, so it's not as shocking.

    I think this guy does a good job. He's more direct and insistent than the others I have seen.

    I also like the way he removes everything outside and then the owner works on sorting the items to keep or go there. I think that it's a mistake to sort inside where the things have to then be moved out. I think he makes more sense doing it his way.

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