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Thread: Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss - TLC

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    Re: Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss - TLC

    [QUOTE=causingchaos;4092338;]When I made the trip down the aisle I want to say I was like a size 18/20 (I never pay that much attention since sizes are very arbitrary these days).

    Honest to goodness if you have a budget and you're buying the plus size stuff you are relegated to some really not that great looking dresses. I equated it to the poor, overweight girl trying to buy a prom dress. There just frankly isn't any selection because of what people think looks great on people who aren't thinner.

    Yes, i rarely pay attention to sizes on clothes for the reason you say. What a great idea you had going to the goth store! But, yes, the dusty corner of the store in bridal shops with out of date styles-that's EXACTLY what it was like when i went into the smaller boutiques. I should just Be lucky and thankful there was something in my size.

    Since, my adventure dealing with petty women I've discovered the world of beautiful retro dresses -made even lovelier than the original dress I wore for my wedding. Since we are renewing our vows when my husband returns I've already begun searching through tons of amazing catalogs and talked to people who own various shops who are willing to work with me though i live out of state. Though, to tell you the truth I think I'm still a bit traumatized by my previous experience. I do want to wear a wedding dress, though-which i didn't do for our our original vows. I don't know, at least I have time to figure something out for the renewals, that's half the battle, having time on my side.
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    Re: Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss - TLC

    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl;4100026;
    Thank you for the words of support. You know, it's interesting, it's women who know how to mess with your head when it comes to size. They are usually the ones who want to bring you down a notch because they are More obsessed with the number on a dress or a pair of pants than a man is. So, maybe int he future I'll find a bridal shop run by a man rather than dealing with all of these insecure women who never got past being in junior high. Men react to presence, how you carry yourself, well, men worth knowing. I'm very secure about who I am and I know I am beautiful. I've know I am desirable for a multitude of reasons and men gravitate toward me probably because I've focused on all aspects of my being. It's women who have issues with my size-who treat me with disrespect. Most men I've met regardless of age or size get along with me quite well. I think I intimidate a lot of women, especially those who are tinier-they tend to resent the fact hat a larger girl like me gets more attention. Again, I am a size 14 and tall, so maybe I just carry it off better, being taller than most women. Beauty comes from within as cliché as that sounds, it's true. if you truly believe you are beautiful and you carry yourself with dignity, grace and style you will command attention in a room, positive attention. being able to carry on a conversation about a multitude of subjects, not having a potty mouth, being open to having a lot of fun without being coarse or crass, men really respond to that. Again, it's women who seem more obsessed about size in regards to other women.
    Those words are definitly the truth!! Altho even knowing that, I sometimes forget it and feel less worthy because of a bad hair day or a few extra pounds. Having had an over-critical and mean mother, I struggle, like a lot of women, to remember that it's attitude that makes you beautiful to others. I try to remember that being self-involved (worrying about what I look like) doesn't make me attractive. Being interested in the other people always makes you attractive.
    Good for you for being ahead of the game and don't let obstacles get in your way to finding the dress you want. Ever thought of having it made, just for you??

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    Re: Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss - TLC

    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl;4100033;
    I'm a size 14 and quite tall- so I guess it was a hard cold slap in the face to have women behave so arrogantly-and trust me they weren't all lookers by any means. I just want to know why my local run shop wouldn't have a size 14 since more women these days fall into that size range. I honestly thought my issue would be `Boy, your'e tall, the dress won't fall right.' Not `we only have this or that in a size eight.'
    That's why I suggested calling shops and asking what sizes they carry. Some will carry more than the 6's, 8's and 10's.
    Going beyond finding something to be able to try on which is stylish and what you want, it's sad to me that we have an obsession with NUMBERS! Some of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen were what some would consider, "plus sized."
    It's true that the sizing in Bridal and formalwear is different from most ready to wear - what they call "vanity sizing." The thought in ready to wear is that if a woman sees she can get in an 8, for example, she's more likely to buy and buy more. Frankly, with better nutrition and whatever, people now days are just larger - including taller - than they were 40 years ago. But when you get right down to it, size is just a number. You are the same beautiful woman whether the dress says 6 or whether it says 16. We need to be accepting of who we are - as long as we are healthy - and not beat ourselves or each other over a stupid number. I have told people, "get what fits and if the size on the label bothers you, CUT IT OUT!"
    I'll get off my soap-box now. This is just a subject I feel passionate about.

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    Re: Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss - TLC

    [QUOTE=redsox girl;4100019;]I have a question-just out of curiosity why did you feel the need to `correct' the poster who was obviously trying to make me feel better (which I appreciated). What did you gain from correcting her? I'm curious. QUOTE]

    I was replying to #29, not your original post. I was neither trying to hurt your feelings nor correct the poster. We all comment on each others' posts, don't we?

    I think Marilyn Monroe was always beautiful, regardless of her size which flucutated just as it does for most of us.

    The quite neutral point I was trying to make is that Marilyn's size 14 is not today's size 14.
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