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Thread: Born to Diva blows away AI!

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    Born To Diva contestants bug the hell out of me.. they are exactly the same as Whitney! I swear.. its the same act over and over again. I'm Trenyce's biggest fan and even though some might compare her to Whitney, I didn't actually agree. But these girls on Born To Diva.. they over sing the song so many times, they all do! How could you say they were better? No one could sing as good as Kimberly, Trenyce, or Frenchie on Born To Diva. They all try to sing like they are Whitney and none of them are good enough. It's just an annoying show. The word "diva" isn't sposed to mean "bitch".. to me, Arethla Franklin, Cher, Diana Ross, Celion Deon, and the few others are all diva's because they are above the bar and classy women and they are divine. But now, we have the other divas, where they think they are better than everyone and thats what Born To Diva is all about, whats so appealing about that?

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    Originally posted by John
    True, TheFlying, Trenyce never verbally acted like a diva, and for that reason, I can stand her.

    But she aspired to be one, she had said on several occasions, and her actions to me spoke louder than her words or lack of them.
    I agree w/ this. On the Halfway Home show when Trenyce was talking with Ryan about who she admired and/or was her idol, she mentioned Whitney Houston was...and right away I thought, 'uh-oh, not good, diva alert.' Whitney's got a great voice, but her reputation isn't what it used to be, and what it is now isn't all that admired anymore.

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    That's really unfair to Trenyce to call her a diva because she looks up to Whitney Houston. Do you really think she means when she does crack and things? Come on.

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    Originally posted by CopperPenny
    I watched the Diva show a couple of times and I have not been impressed. I haven't heard one contestant that I would consider a good singer.
    Me too. In fact, the show grates my nerves.

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    Really, a lot of people like Whitney or liked Whitney, does that make them a diva? And how do you know Trenyce meant the diva that gets associated with J-lo or Madonna, the mean, always get what they want type of diva? Maybe Trenyce was inspiring to be the diva such as Arethla Franklin or Celion Deon? Maybe she wanted to be that type of diva, the type the of diva that performs and sings top notch?

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    I have/had nothing against Trenyce. In fact, I really liked her. And had it not been for Clay's amazing voice winning me over, she was my total-package pick, up till a few weeks ago when Clay and Ruben consistently outshone her (and the others) weekly. I obviously don't personally know what the term 'diva' means to her, but she has even used the word to describe herself in an interview, so I'm sure she's not using it in the negative sense. In short, no, I don't think crack, etc., was on her mind when she said Whitney was her idol. I only wished, for her own sake, that she would have named someone whose reputation was a little more positive, that's all I meant. By the way, I'm also a Whitney fan, the early stuff.

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    Originally posted by TheFlying
    She never ever talked back to the judges. If she really acted like a diva (the bad way), you would have seen her pull a Juanita and no way she would have placed fifth.

    She also refused to badmouth Josh even when she was asked to in all of her interviews.
    I agree. Trenyce was not a diva. I really liked her. I appreciated how she was always trying to step it up a notch and to change things to improve.

    She did not have the diva attitude at all, in my opinion. I loved her and was saddened by her going more than when any of the other contestants left. I really miss her.

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    Hadn't heard of the show before reading it here. I am curious but I'll think a skip it.

    But I had a thought, are all of the contestants on the show women? And following that thread, is there such a thing as a male 'diva'? Elton John comes to mind or maybe Neil Diamond but neither of them have that 'bring down the roof' voice. Stevie Wonder is another guess. Any thoughts?

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    I don't think there are any male diva's.. I just don't think guys can bring down the house as good as girls can when it comes to singing.

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    Originally posted by JustJoe739
    I don't think there are any male diva's.. I just don't think guys can bring down the house as good as girls can when it comes to singing.
    Hm...it's interesting that you said that.

    I would actually MUCH, MUCH rather listen to a male singer than a female singer.

    But, then again....it does depend on personal preference.

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