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Thread: Kate Plus Eight!

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    Re: Kate Plus Eight!

    Thanks for the update on Kate's brother.

    Do you know if she's done any work other than on tv, media, books, etc., since they went off the air last time?

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    Re: Kate Plus Eight!

    You mean like a REAL job?

    Nope . . . she's too good for that. She's a STAR. She has a BODYGUARD. She has to keep up with her TANNING, and MANICURES, and PEDICURES. There's no TIME for a REAL job. From what the book says, she spends all her time trying to create and produce a new show starring herself, or getting Disney to hire her kids. Unless it's a show about how to fool people into thinking she's special, or how to spend your whole day on Twitter while ignoring your children, there's nothing she does that's of interest.

    She's like the Brown family on SisterWives. The only people who believe she's wonderful are (1) herself, and (2) uneducated people who don't have any sense. They tried to have a Kate cruise a couple of years ago. After 3 months of constant tweets from her "fans" saying, "Oh, I WISH I could afford to go," the cruise line finally figured out that they weren't actually SELLING any tickets, so they cancelled her. Maybe she could be wife #5 for the Browns and move into their gated cul-de-sac and go have mani/pedis with Robyn.

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    Re: Kate Plus Eight!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    Ahhhh.... got it.

    Thanks AZchristian & mushybrain.. interesting. Funny, who throws stuff like that in the trash nowadays?? LOL What a dummy.
    Ha! She will not win any intellectual Olympics, that's for sure! She thought all that stuff she threw away was Jon's. She had forced him to go live in the apartment above their garage after he refused to get on board with her plan to keep filming as if they were still one happy family, even though she had made it clear the marriage was over. (That whole vow-renewal ceremony in Hawaii was a sham.) After she threw him out of the house for good, she took all his stuff from the apartment and trashed it, and that's how Hoffman found it.

    So I agree with your observation that she is a dummy!! However, she is extremely cunning. She is also laser-focused on keeping herself in the limelight and, in that regard, she has been successful.
    "Most of us go through life with blinders on. Knowing only that little station to which we were born. But you madam, have had the... rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information is entirely up to you." -- Andrew to Joanna in Overboard

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    Re: Kate Plus Eight!

    I had long forgotten about Kate's brother and his wife Jodi. I liked them!
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    Re: Kate Plus Eight!

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian View Post
    The split came when TLC wanted to pay the brother and sister-in-law as they were on so often. Kate would not allow it, and she broke off the relationship. The kids only get to see them when they're with Jon.

    As some of you may remember from an earlier post, I don't use the word "hate." But I do sometimes refer to her as"Khate" because of the hateful way she treats pretty much everyone.
    I never use the word "hate" when referring to people. In fact, I don't think I've ever come across someone who I can actually say I hate. I dislike and loathe a ton of people, but hate? No. In fact, ever since I was a young kid, I took the belief that everyone had at least one good thing about them and I would work to find it. I still believe that.

    Same with "love".

    Both words are over-used and have devastating consequences when not used properly and truthfully.
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