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Thread: America's Got Talent

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    Quote Originally Posted by cablejockey View Post
    I used to watch the first couple of seasons and then gave up. So I will be coming back mostly to see what Howard says!!
    That is exactly what they are hoping for! I like Howard.

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    I'll be watching because what I'm most interested in is the talent. I always DVR these types of shows so that I can FF past the sob-stories and other stuff I have no interest in watching. So I'm happy to give Howard Stern a chance. If he starts going into his nonsense, I can FF past all of that too.

    By the way --- I used to like Piers very much in the beginning, but came to see that he is NOT really a 'classy' guy --- he APPEARS to be a classy guy because he dresses well and hides behind his British facade --- but behind all that, he's petty, always looking for self-aggrandizement, and very opinionated --- but not in a good way. Howard may have some of those same attributes --- I don't know -- BUT he certainly doesn't hide behind anything. Whatever he brings to the table, is right out there for all the world to see!
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    Re: America's Got Talent

    I personally won't have a problem with Stern as long as 1. He remembers this is a family show so he follows the KICK (Keep it clean kid) philosophy and 2. gives honest but fair input.

    One of my biggest issues with Piers is that he gave people who were truly one note (the diver last year) multiple chances, but take away a good performer's chances over mediocre talent we all know won't advance further.

    Then again - this show really should be called "America's Got Talent Show... but the winner will be a singer always" so it might be nice to have someone who might actually help reduce the chances a singer (unless phenominal such as Prince Poppycock, Anna, our favorite ventrioloquist), will win this.

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    iLuminate should come back and win.

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