Is anyone else watching this? My husband and I are addicted to it. There are cars and driving challenges for him and weekly eliminations, big personalities and other reality TV stuff for me.

The season is well underway, with only 4 of the 12 teams left now. Full episodes are online too:
PROGRAMS - BULLRUN - NASCAR News, F1 News, and Racing News on SPEED -

From the Website:
The ultimate test of mind and machine, pitting twelve teams of two people against each other for over 3,000 grueling miles. The drivers are behind the wheels of their own cars, from American muscle, to exotics, to tuners. Teams must use every trick under their hoods, choose alliances carefully, and navigate down to the last turn in order to make it to daily checkpoints first or risk finding themselves in the most explosive challenges ever seen on television. There can be only one Bullrun champion.

I think the prize is $250K.

Anybody else watching???