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Thread: Finding Your Roots (PBS) and other genealogy shows

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    Re: Finding Your Roots (PBS) and other genealogy shows

    The Tea/Gabby episode was by far the best...hands down...I did not know the other lady but her story was so sad. I did though enjoy watching her dad on As The World Turns...man did I have the hots for him.....

    I was sad to hear how Anthony Herrera was in real life. I never thought he was that way. I did feel that looking at his pictures that he was very handsome and knew it. I do hope he found peace and comfort at the end of his life. I do hope Gabby was able to come to some of peace with him as well.

    This episode made me cry, I can only imagine how Tea felt when she turned the page and she her biological grandmother. I wonder how her mom took it? I wonder if they ever reached out to the family and touch base....so many questions but especially why was she given up for adoption???? I hope they provide an update or if Tea provided any update on any social media she hangs out on. If anyone knows let me know...thanks!

    I hope if this show ever gets a emmy nod, this episode should be the one to do it.

    Loved how DNA solved the mystery such awesome work by everyone involved!!!
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    Re: Finding Your Roots (PBS) and other genealogy shows

    Many love the Tea one. I will have to watch it.

    The LL Cool J one was neat. He experienced similar to what his grandfather experienced. I wonder how many of us have that repetition.
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    Re: Finding Your Roots (PBS) and other genealogy shows

    Loved the Tea/Gabby episode too. I remember Gabby from when she was a wee little one in Field of Dreams. We've literally watched her grow up onscreen. I enjoy her on Transparent too. I've always liked Tea too. So happy she finally dumped that creep Duchovny and is, apparently, dating Tim Daly. That's definitely a trade up!

    I loved seeing the use of DNA in genealogical detective work, beyond what we usually see on these shows. SO interesting! I'd love to do that job! I wish we could have seen a follow-up with Tea telling her mom all that she learned, although maybe that's just too private a thing for her to do on camera. I'm curious if Tea's mom has followed up and met any of the relatives of her birth parents.

    I'm kind of bummed that they haven't had a new episode in a few weeks.....or is that just me? I was looking forward to seeing the episode with Questlove.
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