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I don't know how distant their connection. I guess we'll find out! I like both Kyra and Kevin, so I'm looking forward to their episode. It's probably not that unusual. My genealogical research revealed that my parents are cousins - VERY distant cousins, but still. Our joke is that we're the good kind of inbred - through the British royal family!

I missed Sunday night's episode, so I watched it on the PBS site. I like how they're pairing the subjects each week. This time, it was about dealing with name changes. I liked how Barbara Walters initially said "no" when they asked her to participate in the show because she'd had a genealogist research her family tree and didn't think they could tell her anything new. After watching, I think she should get her money back from that genealogist!
LOL, that's cute. Really? The British royal family? Impressive.

Can't you see the headlines now though? It will probably be brought up in all future articles about them. That sucks.