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Thread: Get rid of Kia.....please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    They surely selected her for the show based on how many people they thought she'd make cry.

    I don't notice any design talent whatsoever in her.

    Grown ups don't usually want themed bedrooms Kia.
    Amen to that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katebeth
    Kia really should be kicked off... but hey, Hilde has stayed despite that awful flowers on the wall bathroom from h*ll.

    And the flying carpet bed? Hello?!? How can you take advantage of the romantic air of the rest of the room when you're swinging around like that?!? Hmm....
    I like Hilda. She did a good job but she tend to overspend on farbrics. Oh well, I love her anyway. Oh yeah, I agree on Kia. She needs to go and so does Frank. Ugh. I hate FOLK art or farm animals painted on the wall. I think he is well suited for those rural areas.

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    That graveyard bed was awful! The border thing has got to go, too. The Military room was horrible. This woman has got to be stopped.

    Hilde is a close second...if she did that to my bathroom, I would have to put one of her stilletos through her head.

    I love Doug, usually. The Goth living room and the theatre family room were awful, though. So was the little boy's bedroom with the cars in it.

    I have never seen a room of Verns that I didn't like. He is great.

    I don't mind Edward, at least his rooms are livible. Unlike Kia or Hilde.

    I don't mind Frank, either. I can handle the country theme.

    Laurie does some good rooms, but her personality bugs me.

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    I may be mistaken but I believe Kia's decorating "training" comes from being a set designer for television. I don't think she's come up with one good idea yet.

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