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Thread: Storm Chasers: Discovery Channel

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    Re: Storm Chasers: Discovery Channel

    Quote Originally Posted by mesachick View Post
    It does seem odd that the folks who absolutely knew what to do, didn't do what they should have. Maybe they thought they could outrun it? Or maybe the twister took a turn they weren't anticipating? Sad though.
    Quote Originally Posted by mushybrain View Post
    That is exactly what happened. The tornado was described as being erratic, and it took a completely unexpected turn. So very sad.
    I have read that they do not know exactly what happened ... and that their equipment is missing, At one point they were asking if anyone happened to find a camera ... to please let them know. One thing is that the tornado was "rain wrapped" ( their term ) which was disorienting and really made visibility terrible.

    There is a link to a really good article by one chaser who survived the storm that someone posted in the Current Events thread. The article describes what it was like. These chasers were also in their vehicles.

    ETA: The article linked above calls that tornado an EF3 and it actually ended up, being classified as an enhanced EF 5 with winds up, to 296 MPH ... and it was the widest tornado in history at 2.6 miles wide. My God!
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